Brisbane Powerhouse Presents ΩHM 2024

ΩHM Festival of Other Music

28 February – 20 April 2024

Brisbane Powerhouse announces the return of ΩHM Festival of Other Music following its spectacular debut earlier this year. Curated by Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Program Director Brad Spolding and celebrated composer Lawrence English, the festival’s 2024 edition promises to captivate audiences with a provocative program of cutting-edge music, boundary-pushing performances and pioneering art.

Audiences can experience a fusion of music, performance, and movement at ΩHM from 28 February  20 April 2024, with a program of immersive international and Australian talent, featuring Yothu Yindi, Michael Rother, Drab Majesty, Boris and works by Kim Gordon, Stephanie Lake, Chunky Move and more.

“From Japanese metal gods BORIS to electronic Krautrock luminary Michael Rother (NEU!) and legendary Australian First Nations collective Yothu Yindi, OHM 2024 presents the most influential artists in contemporary art today. After a massive first edition, we are excited for OHM’s return with a bigger free program, inviting locals to catch artists like WITCH (We Intend To Cause Havoc), Penelope Trappes, The Wilds and Chunky Move at no cost. For our second festival, we have also added an extensive program of new contemporary dance soundtracked by composers like Anna Whitaker and Robin Fox, featuring local company ADC alongside the stunning Stephanie Lake Company. Rounding out the multi-artform celebration, Sonic Youth founder Kim Gordon presents her first-ever exhibition in Australia” said Brad Spolding, Arts Program Director Brisbane Powerhouse / Co-Curator of ΩHM Festival of Other Music.

ΩHM festival – Dance and Movement works

Internationally acclaimed choreographer Stephanie Lake returns to Brisbane with her monumental work, Colossus, following a nationwide season of sold-out shows for her work Manifesto. This exhilarating contemporary performance, featuring 50 dancers and a mesmerising soundtrack by composer Robin Fox, showcases a mind-boggling living architecture of black-clad bodies in explosive action. The performance delves into the intricate dynamics of the collective and the individual, chaos and order, as 50 performers unite as one. Amongst standing ovations and five-star reviews, Colossus has become a global viral sensation, reaching an audience of over 4.3 million, as well as multiple award nominations, and taking home Best Visual Design at the 2019 Greenroom Awards.

Australasian Dance Collective’s beloved THREE is back in 2024, this time at ΩHM. This year’s edition unveils a captivating triple bill, showcasing the remarkable versatility of ADC’s company artists. THREE will showcase new pieces from renowned Australian choreographers Alisdair Macindoe and Jenni Large, alongside the much-anticipated Brisbane premiere of Amber McCartney‘s acclaimed solo work, Tiny Infinite Deaths. This thoughtfully curated collection of works delivers three distinct experiences, embodying ADC’s unwavering dedication to amplifying diverse voices while producing fresh, invigorating art. Previously heralded as “a show which will remind you what it feels like to be human – to be alive”, THREE in 2024 is set to be just as extraordinary as years past.

Chunky Move’s free experience Universal Estate is a blend of retro-futurism and contemporary nihilism. This living sculpture features two individuals navigating a world filled with mysterious, obsolete technological artifacts, urging contemplation on our disposable culture and obsession with the latest trends. Choreographer Antony Hamilton, renowned for his innovative works, brings this thought-provoking creation to life, exploring the impact of recent industrial and technological revolutions and the search for meaning within the remnants of the past.

ΩHM 2024
28 February – 20 April 2024
Brisbane Powerhouse

Presale available from 10am AEST time Thursday 9 November
Tickets on sale to the general public at 10am AEST time Friday 10 November

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