#WWRYAU INTERVIEW2 | Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson

‘We Will Rock You’ Ensemble Cast Interview

The worldwide smash hit musical WE WILL ROCK YOU is a futuristic musical adventure that will rock your world! Since 2002, over 16 million theatregoers in more than 28 countries have been rocked by this production. The talented cast brings to life the music of Queen in conjunction with Ben Elton’s screenplay that fashions this hilarious comedy around more than 24 of Queen’s biggest hits including We are the Champions, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Under Pressure  and Radio Ga Ga. DanceLife is thrilled to speak with members of this epic cast.
Our second interview is with Justin Anderson.

Tell me about your background …

When I was a young kid I was always doing cartwheels at school and got talked into doing acro. I started acro and went from there followed into the performing arts.
When I was 12 I did a tap exam and the examiner told me there was open auditions for Oliver and that I should go along. I ended up getting the job and my career began from there. I then went to Dance Factory in Melbourne, did Shout straight out of fulltime, then High School Musical, Mary Poppins,  Wicked, Hot Shoe Shuffle, back to Wicked… I’ve done a lot of musicals.
One of the first musicals I ever saw was We Will Rock You, and as a young kid I remember looking up and thinking when I grow up I want to do that. That was one of the pivotal points in my life. It’s kind of come around full circle so far. It’s been something I’ve aspired to for quite some time, so it’s amazing to tick it off the list!
What do you feel about the changes that Ben Elton has made to the most recent production – how it’s evolved over the last decade?
It’s quite crazy. He said that he wrote this before Facebook and things like social media came along, which is funny seeing as though the show could not be more suited to today’s society. I feel he could not have written a better script for this kind of era, which is amazing because he wrote it before everything happened. In particular, the ‘boho’ scene is very much related to this time.
Are you a big fan of the actual Queen music?
Yes, definitely! When I was young we only ever had two albums in the car – Madonna’s greatest hits & Queen’s greatest hits. I listened to the Queen one quite a lot. I’ve literally grown up with the music. It’s a beautiful thing to sing the songs every night.
In terms of the choreography, how do you feel the choreography reflects the different characters you need to play throughout the musical?
It’s very cleverly stylized. For instance, the ‘Gaga’ kids are very military or so strict. Then you get to the Boho’s and ‘Crazy little thing called love,’ which is very intricate.
The Boho for me is my favourite, it’s very fun!
Where to for you from here?
I really love what I’m doing at the moment and I’d like to think that I’m still young, so while I still can I just want to keep dancing! I always strive to do Dance Captain work and I feel the best thing about Musical Theatre is that there is no limit to put on yourself, there is always a new level to aspire to.
Even when I was young, I remember all the ensemble chorey from the shows I’ve seen. I always acknowledged even as a young kid all the effort that they put in. I enjoyed the leads but was always more drawn to the ensemble. So for me … I love this! … Being in the ensemble, dancing and working hard … Playing so many amazing and quirky characters. It’s just really the best part of it.
WE WILL ROCK YOU is currently playing in Brisbane at the Lyric Theatre, QPAC. It will then travel to Melbourne from August 30, Perth from November 15, and Adelaide from December 31. Tickets, details and bookings are on the website.

Justin’s musical theatre career began at the age of 12 when he played the role of Stitch’em in Cameron Mackintosh’s Oliver. He later continued his training at Dance Factory where he went on to become a scholarship student.
Justin has just finished travelling various parts of the world and Australia with the musical Wicked. Other professional stage credits include original and touring cast of Mary PoppinsHot Shoe ShuffleShout! The Legend of the Wild OneLittle Me and High School Musical Live On Stage. Other credits include Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, The Grand Final Footy Show, Just Jeans International tour and various corporate and television events in which he has performed with such artists as Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and Ruby Rose. Justin is thrilled to be a part of his dream show – We Will Rock You.