THE TEARS ARE BACKSYTYCD Australia Season 3 kicked off on Sunday with 1.17mil people watching nationally making it the 4th most watched show that day. Sunday night we saw a mixed bag of contestants which we always see, the aim is to entertain and keeps it interesting. What I noticed in the last season and again in this season is that the same dancers who have been trying to squeeze into the top 20 for the last two years are back again to have a crack. There are two types of ex contestants. 1. Has done absolutely nothing over the last year to improve their skills yet may still get through to top 100 week due to the lack of numbers during the auditions and 2. Dancers who have gone back and worked on their craft and have come back to blow the judges away (this does not apply to many people). We are seeing some great young dancers who haven’t been old enough to audition in the past and some dancers who have been overseas and back to show their home nation what they have. So far, so good but every year during the audition process there is one aspect that people complain about over and over and that’s the CRYING.
People on Facebook, Twitter on Forums are up in arms (frustrated) about the amount of crying that is going on during one episode. At the end of the day this is a television reality show and the format during the auditions is to find out more about the dancer as a person. If you don’t have a good story and you’re average you have no hope BUT if your average, was brought up in the jungle by lions and started dancing through watching the way they moved to create the piece you performed, then cried I can assure you, you’d have a better chance of getting in. Nothing is going to change here like I said it’s for TV. I remember having a few conversations with dancers when the auditions were announced for this season last year and their main focus was not which classes should I be doing to improve my skills but “What would be a good story for me to tell”. Some people are saying that Crying = Ticket To Sydney. Top 100 week always cuts the fat from the meat. Bring it on!!
Image: Channel 10 – Melbourne Auditions