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About DirtyFeet

DirtyFeet is a not-for-profit contemporary dance organisation based in Sydney, supporting independent dance artists and promoting community engagement in the arts. Our programs provide opportunities for the creation of new Australian dance works, with a distinct focus on nurturing emerging choreographic talent.

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About Emerging Makers

The Right Foot – Emerging Makers series fosters the development of new and emerging dance makers with disabilities. The series focuses on the dance making process, research and creative discoveries, devising methods and generating choreographic material.

Lead Artists Sarah-Vyne Vassallo and Margot Pilitos, alongside Assistant Artist Chris Bunton, deconstruct the making process to foster, mentor and guide new and emerging dance voices, providing high quality choreographic and artistic skills development to the next generation of dance makers with disabilities.

The emphasis is ‘process driven’, allowing time and space for reflection on creative discoveries and ways of communicating those discoveries. Artists acquire new knowledge and insight into the creative development process. The project combines a practical and artistic approach to foster career development, for new and emerging dance makers with disabilities.

Culminating in a small studio sharing, DirtyFeet will invite audiences into the research process, through observation and conversation.

In Conversation

In the months ahead, DirtyFeet will engage with professional dancers with disability in a meaningful arts exchange. With the intention of both nurturing the next generation of disabled dance makers & building future professional pathways, new, emerging & esteemed dance makers with disability will lead a 3 phased process; Consultation, Practice, Critical Reflection.

Managed by Anthea Doropoulos and led by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, our incredible team of artist consultants include: Caroline Bowditch, Marc Brew, Dan Daw, Sarah Hoboult, Margot Politis, Matthew Shilcock and Kiruna Stamell.

The gap in professional dance training opportunities for people with disability is still very present and I am heartened by DirtyFeet’s proposal in providing aspiring makers with a disability the opportunity to grow their craft with some of the best in the disability arts sector globally. DirtyFeet have pulled together the most incredible delivery team for this programme and, speaking from first hand experience, the artist cohort will be in the safest of hands.” Dan Daw

Bringing together the cultural disability dance leaders of Australia provides a very rare, important and timely opportunity for the dance sector. DirtyFeet hopes to ignite a conversation that builds a closer network nationally – potentially evolving into something more formalised and ongoing. No other bespoke program like this exists in Australia, which is why our Emerging Makers series, provides a unique opportunity for continued growth where the arts and disability intersect.

Workshop Details

Series 1:

Friday 11 March – 10am-4pm
Saturday 12 March – 10am-4pm
Sunday 13 March – 10am-4pm

Series 2:

Friday 19 August – 10am-4pm
Saturday 20 August – 10am-4pm
Sunday 21 August – 10am-4pm


Series 1 – Sunday 13 March, 4pm-5pm
Series 2 – Sunday 21 August, 4pm-5pm

Where: Critical Path, IC New Beach Rd, Rushcutters Bay

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