The Bryant Brothers on Riverdance’s Australian Return


25th Anniversary Show

Interview by Chris Duncan

In an exclusive feature for DanceLife Magazine, we dive deep into the lives and insights of the talented Bryant brothers, Will and Kieran, as they share their experiences with the globally acclaimed Riverdance, especially as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a tour in Australia.

Will Bryant: Dancing Through Dreams

Will Bryant, an established talent in Riverdance, shares his journey with an unwavering passion. “I remember saying to my Mum when I was eight that one day I would be in Riverdance,” Will reminisces. His dedication to Irish dance since childhood paid off when he first saw Riverdance in Sydney in 2010, leaving him “mesmerized by the music, rhythms, choreography and the passion.”

Kieran Bryant: Stepping into Legacy

Kieran Bryant, walking in similar footsteps, has had a lifetime immersed in Irish dance. “Since the age of four, I have travelled all around the world taking part in Irish dance competitions,” Kieran reflects. His dedication was rewarded when he performed his first lead show in Dublin in 2022, marking a full-circle moment from his first Riverdance show six years prior.

Tour Life and Performances

For both brothers, touring with Riverdance is an ever-evolving adventure. Will describes his tour life as varied and enriching. “My day to day is always different, depending on the city I am in,” he shares. In contrast, Kieran focuses on a balanced routine of nutrition, relaxation, travel, and exercise, culminating in the thrill of performance.

The Magic of the Stage

Discussing their favorite performances, Will and Kieran both highlight the intensity and excitement of being on stage. Kieran’s choice is ‘Reel Around the Sun’, the opening number, for its “dramatic choreography and phenomenal music.” Will, on the other hand, speaks about adapting each performance to the audience, ensuring that “each show remains fresh and engaging.”

Preparing for Greatness

Physical and mental preparation is key. Will emphasizes the importance of a robust pre-show routine, while Kieran also stresses a solid warm-up and cool-down. “I know every time I step off the stage I am preparing for my next performance,” Kieran states.

Celebrating Riverdance’s Legacy

The brothers express pride in being part of a show with such a significant legacy. “It feels amazing to say I’m part of what’s internationally recognized as the first Irish dance show,” Kieran says, and Will echoes this sentiment, excited to perform in front of friends and family in Sydney. They both see Riverdance as an ever-evolving entity, appealing to new generations while retaining its core essence.

Advice for Aspiring Dancers

Will advises aspiring dancers to “keep the dream alive and chase whatever it is you are striving for.” Kieran adds, “Every night is opening night,” emphasizing the importance of consistently delivering top-notch performances.

A Sneak Peek into the Australian Tour

Both brothers are excited about bringing the revamped Riverdance to Australian audiences. “It’s the same Riverdance we all know and love but bigger and better,” Will assures. Kieran adds, “This will be a version of Riverdance that Australian audiences have never seen before.”

As Riverdance prepares to mesmerize Australian audiences once again, the Bryant brothers stand as testaments to the enduring allure and dynamic evolution of this iconic show. With new dances, costumes, and a remastered score, this 25th Anniversary production promises to be a breathtaking experience.Catch Riverdance’s 25th Anniversary Show in Australia


More show information:

In April 2024, Australia is set to experience the magic of Riverdance like never before. TEG DAINTY and TEG Van Egmond have announced that the 25th Anniversary production of Riverdance will tour major Australian cities. This reinvented version of the beloved show features a Grammy Award-winning score by composer Bill Whelan, rerecorded for a modern audience. With producers Moya Doherty and director John McColgan at the helm, the production promises innovative lighting, video, stage, and costume designs, enhancing the already mesmerizing dance and music.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this spectacular blend of Irish and international dance.

Tickets are available now at

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