Spotlight on Sophie Holloway: Dancing to New Heights with Burn The Floor

Interview With Sophie Holloway

One of Australia’s Most Sought-After Dance Educators and Emerging Choreographers

Interview by Chris Duncan

Sophie Holloway, a name synonymous with sharp jazz lines, timeless technique, and super-snappy style, is set to dazzle audiences in the latest Australian production of Burn The Floor. With a career that began at the tender age of three and has spanned the globe, Sophie brings her elegance and expertise to the stage, inspiring young dancers everywhere.

Sophie’s love for dance started early, under the tutelage of the legendary Bernadette Langshaw-Clark. “I have been dancing since the age of 3 and from a very young age I studied all styles of dance,” Sophie recalls. Her introduction to Latin dance was serendipitous, stemming from casual classes she attended on her own time. “I grew up watching shows like Dancing With The Stars and even saw Burn The Floor when I was in Year 7. This world was always one I dreamed of getting to perform in!”

Her journey took her to New York City, where she secured a spot with the renowned Radio City Rockettes, performing in over 700 shows. Back in Australia, she has danced for icons like Katy Perry and Cher and featured in major productions such as Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and Elvis. Joining Burn The Floor is a dream come true for Sophie, allowing her to fuse her disciplined styles with her admiration for Latin dance. “I love doing the jive because it reminds me of jazz/musical theatre,” she says. The high-energy performance style resonates deeply with her, and she’s eager to share that passion with audiences.

Sophie is dedicated to keeping her performances fresh and exciting. “Because Latin/Ballroom is not my most comfortable style, I am constantly learning when I perform with Burn The Floor,” she explains. The sense of collaboration and mutual admiration within the cast is a significant motivator. “There is such a sense of collaboration and celebration of each of our different ‘gifts,’ as Peta Roby would say. This keeps you motivated to give it your all night after night.”

Success in a show like Burn The Floor requires resilience, eagerness to learn, and an openness to growth. For Sophie, this is not just about the physical demands but also the mental preparation. “Rehearsal is crucial to build that ‘show stamina,’” she notes. Her training regime includes year-round classes, working as a dance teacher, and taking care of her body through remedial massages, saunas, and a balanced diet. Sophie thrives on the energy from the audience. “All we ever want is to hear them cheer and clap loads during our performances. We love interactive and loud crowds! It always gives us the extra push we need.”

Support within the cast is vital. “Lots of cheering for one another in rehearsal, recording videos in admiration, making fun TikToks in our breaks, and cast bonding during our off time,” Sophie shares. This camaraderie translates to their performances, creating a vibrant and unified stage presence.

She wishes more people understood the realities of a professional dancer’s life, including the downtime between major shows. “It takes a lot of love and care to keep this instrument consistently working at its highest quality,” she says, emphasizing the need for constant training and self-motivation. Sophie’s advice to young dancers highlights the importance of resilience, dedication, and passion. She encourages aspiring dancers to always be eager to learn and open to growth, to build a strong support system within their dance community, and to take care of their physical and mental well-being.

As Sophie envisions her future, she hopes to delve deeper into Latin dance, enhance her versatility, and expand her international reach. “I also love leaning in on my choreography and creative skills in this part of my career and working on expanding my reach internationally.” Her passion for dance education and training drives her to launch initiatives that empower the next generation of dancers. Sophie Holloway’s journey is a testament to dedication, passion, and the endless pursuit of excellence. As she prepares to take the stage with Burn The Floor, she continues to inspire and elevate the dance community with her talent and unwavering commitment.

For more inspiring stories and updates on Burn The Floor, stay tuned to DanceLife. Catch Sophie and the incredible cast as they bring the magic of dance to audiences across Australia.

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Sophie Holloway Bio

Sharp Jazz lines, timeless technique and super-snappy style – Sophie’s ‘showgirl’ sophistication and elegance has elevated her as a highly respected and sought-after dancer, teacher & choreographer on the world stage!

Sydney-born Jazz superstar Sophie Holloway began dancing at the early age of 3, training under the legendary Bernadette Langshaw-Clark. After continuing her education majoring in Dance and Drama at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, Sophie hit the Australian scene at just 16 as a commercial dancer and model, featuring in TV shows and commercials before unexpectedly landing a role in the ensemble for Baz Lurhmann’s film The Great Gatsby.

Chasing her ultimate dream, Sophie made her way to New York City in 2014 & secured a spot in the internationally renowned precision dance company The Radio City Rockettes. Her 8 years with the company has included over 700 performances as well as The Tony Awards, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Today Show NBC and more!

Her latest achievement is being invited to join the internationally renowned touring company Burn The Floor where Sophie has made her mark as a commercial Latin dancer and looks forward to the upcoming Australian Tour in 2024.

Attention to detail, sophistication and her dynamic personality keep Sophie in high demand and employed nationwide. With a remarkable technical background, complimented by versatile exposure and training, Sophie has matured into a polished and sophisticated performer and emerging choreographer. There is no denying that her vivacious presence is undoubtedly favoured in the industry as Sophie remains one of the most influential and highly respected artists across Australia and internationally.

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