START ME UP - INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA LINGOTTIThe Talent Development Project’s (TDP) START ME UP Concert showcases young Australian talent in a spectacular evening of song, launching the best singers and songwriters from New South Wales public schools alongside some of the biggest names in the Australian music industry.
The 2010 TDP graduates will appear on stage with special guest artists on WEDNESDAY 28 JULY at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The Concert will be hosted by ALAN JONES AO, former Australian Idol Musical Director and TDP graduate JOHN FOREMAN and 2010 Golden Guitar winner and TDP graduate FELICITY URQUHART.
Special guests appearing with the TDP Graduates include ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ 2009 Winner MARK VINCENT, the TDP Graduates and highly successful Indigenous folk/jazz duo MICROWAVE JENNY(recent winners of the Peter Garrett Breakthrough Award), much loved cabaret and theatre performer TREVOR ASHLEY and JESSICA LINGOTTI from sensational dance show ‘Burn the Floor’.
DanceLife chatted with Jessica Lingotti about TDP and her career.
1. What do you think is one of the greatest benefits of attending TDP?
TDP is a very valuable opportunity for young performers. One if its greatest benefits is that you are in the hands of the best who will guide you and teach you the necessary skills which are needed to work in todays Entertainment Industry. As you work your way through each stage of the program, you continue to enhance and define not only your talent but yourself as an individual. I would highly recommend TDP to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. I have walked away with so many priceless memories and skills which I value very much!
2. Who is your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration would have to be my Grandmother. Growing up and hearing her sing to me was enough inspiration for me to want to follow in her footsteps. I am also grateful for the opportunities that were made possible to me by my family. I don’t think I could have got this far without them. Also, I could probably be here all day telling you just how many great artists inspire me too.
3. Best advice you have ever heard?
I was once told by a fellow performer and good friend that the secret to any great performance is purely CONVICTION. Its not always about being the best dancer/singer/actor/whatever you are performing, its just about the confidence with which you do it. The most important thing is to never second guess anything you do on stage. Don’t think wether or not it will look wrong. Always stay true to who you are and to your talent and if you commit 100%, the audience will always connect to it.
4. Biggest myth about working as a performer?
In my opinion, one of the biggest myths I have come across is the general perception that the life of a performer is a glamorous one. While it certainly has its glamorous moments, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of which many people are not aware. These include; years of study and guidance from teachers, long hours of training and rehearsal, the stress of auditions and rejection and the uncertainty of long term employment. As a performer you have to be able withstand criticism. In short, our industry is a tough one to take on and requires a lot of discipline and hard work but in saying that, if you love it, you wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
5. What has been your most difficult challenge in pursuing your dream and how did you deal with that?
The most difficult challenge I came across whilst pursuing my dream was trying to get that first break into the industry. There were times where I would knock on every door and I would get no response and for me that was a very challenging experience. How did I deal with that? I stayed motivated, continued to work hard and performed as often as I could anywhere and everywhere and when I least expected it that break came for me. I knew what I wanted, I believed in myself, I have worked hard at it and I have made the most of every opportunity that has come my way.
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