Shotography’s Hot Dance Video

‘The Simulator’ by Sean Higgins and Ministry of Dance

Positive Outlook After Lockdown

Melbourne dance studio, Ministry of Dance, and Sean Higgins (AKA Shotography) have teamed up to produce an exciting and visually stunning new dance video showcasing the talented performers. During this uncertain time of lockdown, these artists have their sights firmly set on the future.

The video features a cross section of Melbourne’s best dancers and choreographers, the vast majority being alumni from Ministry of Dance’s full time program.

“We wanted to show the next generation of dancers what is possible when they train with Ministry,” said Jason Coleman, CEO and Director of the Ministry brand.

“You can find yourself as a dancer, you can find yourself as a person. But this piece was two-fold for us. So much art, and so many artists have slipped through the cracks due to the lockdown. We represent the vast majority of these phenomenal people through our agency, Ministry of Entertainment. As soon as we’re allowed to dance again, to create again, we’ll be better than ever. We needed this piece to showcase that. And who better to execute this, on both fronts, than Sean?!”

Sean Higgins is quickly forging a reputation as one of the finest dance photographers and videographers in Australia. A quick glance at his Instagram profile (@shotography) reveals the calibre of artists he has been working with.

“Working together with the Ministry of Dance and Entertainment dancers was a dream. The aim was to create a vivid montage of visually striking dance sequences combined with Ministry’s breathtaking styling and production warehouse,” said Sean. “Ministry of Dance was actually the very hub I managed to build all my early networks and connections from as an aspiring photographer almost a decade ago. I can’t help but see this piece as a simulated journey through the many different, incredible worlds I have visited throughout my career in the dance industry. I had an amazing time creating this piece with Jason, and I am truly proud of what we made together”

Watch ‘The Simulator’ video in High Definition on YouTube:






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