RISING Festival 2024: Dance Program Highlights

RISING Festival 2024

Dance Program Highlights

The RISING festival in Melbourne this year unveils a dance program filled with innovative and thought-provoking performances. From world premieres to unique narrative explorations, the festival is set to captivate audiences with its diverse range of dance showcases. Here are some of the dance program highlights:

Chunky Move’s World Premiere: You, Beauty

  • Location: Immigration Museum
  • Description: Legendary Melbourne dance company Chunky Move presents “You, Beauty,” a world premiere at the Immigration Museum. This unique performance is anticipated to be a visual and movement-based exploration, showcasing Chunky Move’s signature innovative style.

Lucy Guerin Inc: One Single Action

  • Performance: World Premiere
  • Concept: “One Single Action” by Lucy Guerin Inc delves into the complexities of internal and external rifts. Audiences can expect a dynamic and thought-provoking dance experience, characterized by Guerin’s renowned contemporary choreography.

Melanie Lane’s Arkadia

  • Location: Substation
  • Style: Dance Opera
  • About: “Arkadia” is a new dance opera from the creative mind of Melanie Lane. This performance promises to offer a blend of mythical storytelling and mesmerizing dance, set in a transformative space at Substation.

Justin Shoulder’s ANITO

  • Location: Arts House
  • Composition: Dance, Installation, Masquerade
  • Details: “ANITO,” a unique work by Justin Shoulder, combines dance with elements of installation art and masquerade. This piece is set to be a vibrant exploration of form and narrative, engaging audiences in a visually rich experience.

Ghenoa Gela’s Gurr Era Op

  • Location: Arts House
  • Theme: Climate Change and Torres Strait Islander Culture
  • Insight: Choreographer Ghenoa Gela brings to the stage “Gurr Era Op,” a powerful dance narrative focusing on the impacts of climate change on Torres Strait Islander culture. This work promises to be both emotionally resonant and culturally significant.

ECLIPSE: A First Peoples Futuristic Drag Show

  • Location: Melbourne Town Hall
  • Nature: New RISING Commission, Drag Show
  • Experience: “ECLIPSE” is a groundbreaking new commission for RISING, set to be staged at the Melbourne Town Hall. This First Peoples futuristic drag show blends dance, performance, and visual spectacle, creating a unique and immersive experience.

These highlights from the dance program at RISING festival 2024 demonstrate the festival’s commitment to showcasing diverse and boundary-pushing dance performances. Each piece offers a unique perspective, from reflecting on contemporary issues to reimagining traditional narratives. Melbourne’s dance scene will indeed be vibrant and bustling this June, offering something special for all dance enthusiasts.

For more information and tickets, visit the RISING festival website  https://2024.rising.melbourne/

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