REVIEW | Ride The Cyclone

Ride The Cyclone

Sit Back and Hold On for The Ride of Your Life….Literally!

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

Presented by Hayes Theatre Co in Potts Point there was a definite buzz in the air for the opening night of Ride The Cyclone. Based on the book, musics and lyrics by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell with additional material by Alan Schmuckler this new age musical extravaganza is filled with vibrant characters and song choices that is bound to leave you with a lifted inspirational and feel good energy.

Director Richard Carroll and Musical Director Victoria Falconer lead an awesome creative team, They certainly deliver this wild and witty script filled with a vibrant and varied score that connect the hearts of the audience.

This show is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions and ideas so beautifully presented along with Assistant Director, Nicola Pingon who is also responsible for the casting and Produced by Rica Canillas in an intimate setting, you are certainly impressed and transformed with the staging and set from Set Design by Benjamin Brockman and Assistant Set Design by Lochie Odgers, from the moment you enter the cozy theatre space.

Enhanced with cleverly themed lighting that impacts the capacity of the show and ever-changing scenes, the futuristic Lighting Design by Ryan McDonald, certainly adds to the excitement from the moment you walk in to take your seats with a roller coaster themed structure before your eyes.

The cast are superb! So talented and committed to their roles and characters that certainly exude layers and variety’s reminding us we still all can bleed the same. You can’t help but identify something of yourself in each of them. We are guided through an overview of their stories of life experience that reveals some complexities yet also humour throughout their discoveries.

Karis Oka who plays Ocean O’Connell Rosberg is both captivating and engaging with her energy, in her performance as well as a display of stunning vocals.

Mel O’Brien who played Constance was a definite crowd favourite with her nerdy relatable quirky ways, big heart and comical characteristics.

Bailey Dunnage, playing Noel Grubber was passionate, eccentric and literally a powerhouse offering a burlesque style solo that bought some definite raunchiness and flare to the production.

Lincoln Elliot playing Mischa Bachinski added the rockstar hip hop vibe superbly, with a vibrant and charismatic energy.

Justin Gray who played the role of Ricky Potts offers that school boy charm with a backstreet boy feel and futuristic rebel vibe with an appealing musical theatre style voice and quite a surprise character to everyone as he reveals much more than anyone expects.

Ava Madon brings that freakish, weird, loner character to the mix, playing the unnamed element of Jane Doe, whom everyone ultimates falls in love with from her fellow cast members with the heart plucking reminder of humanity and the inspirational and powerful tone of hope. A wonderfully focussed performance also with strong vocal tone.

Pamela Rabe was the clever, witty and humours voice of the character Karnak. A futuristic story teller with psychic abilities whom certainly connects with the audience right from the start, while interacting with each character holding the storyline together.

The music is really quite next level and delivered in that true musical theatre style. You cannot help but feel uplifted and entertained with the assortment and variety that is offered within this production. Indeed beautifully formulated and executed from a wonderful team including Additional Music Production from Jarred Payne and Sound Engineer, Emma-Jade Dwyer.

Complimenting that is the AV and special effects throughout the performance with Sound and AV Design by Daniel Herten and Associate Madeleine Picard.

It’s truly so well thought out and adds the modern feel to this awesome little yet large production.

The Choreography from Shannon Burns is so affective and well planned with a great use of props within the scene changes and staging along with an assortment of costuming that depicts the interactive storyline’s, adding to the awesome variety depicted from Costume Designer Ester Zhong not to forget the overall look of each character beautifully created by Hair and Make Up Designer Ashleigh Grace.

The production effects that have gone into this performance are certainly what enhances the whole show, adding such a wonderful level of professionalism and transformation within this smaller theatre. It is certainly strategically developed and created by a wonderful team made up of Production Manager Abbey Pace and Assistant Production Manager Daniel Potter.

Including the smooth running of much of the going on’s, all behind the scenes and within the cleverly depicted lighting designs on the wings throughout the show. Certainly including credit also to Stage Manager Bronte Schuftan and Assistant Stage Manager Anastasia Mowen.

The live band is superb and wonderful to see revealed at the end of the show with a beautiful heartfelt song as a tribute right at the end of the performance.

A small and intimate team made up of Nathan Barraclough, Gianna Cheung, Jarrad Payne and Patrick Schnur certainly punch a force that runs through your veins.

It’s 95mins of passion, dedication and talent with such a variety of context and diverse content, flavours of musical assortments and a feel good performance that will leave you feeling a mixture of awareness and joy all rolled into one.

The fit cast offer and ooze their commitment and focus through the whole duration, with no interval which keeps you engaged and truly takes you on such a wonderful journey.

Be prepared to be entertained with a comedy pop style musical that is supremely witty, a little dark yet mostly delightful.

Sit back and hold on for the ride of your life….literally!

Playing until the 22nd of June, don’t miss out and get your tickets quick before it sells out!

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