DUCK POND – Feathers Will fly in Circa’s Exuberant Take on Swan Lake.

Photo credits Damien Bredberg

Duck Pond by Circa

Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Feathers will fly in DUCK POND – an exuberant take on Swan Lake from Australia’s leading circus company Circa.

Circa is one of the world’s leading contemporary circus companies who have re-imagined the world’s most romantic ballet Swan Lake as a circus spectacular, Duck Pond that will be presented at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, Rooty Hill from 4 to 6 July 2024.

Audiences will be swept away by Circa’s production Duck Pond, a tale of swans and hapless princes sparkling with quirky touches including the sequinned flipper-wearing duck army and a burlesque black swan. There are sumptuous aerials, jaw-dropping acrobatics and extreme physicality all shot through with cheeky humour, dance, theatre, circus and a thoroughly contemporary energy.

As The Age said recently “Circa is leading the way with a diverse range of thrilling creations that redraw the limits to which circus can aspire.”
Truly talented group of energetic performers with world-class balancing and 
stage craft skills that astound and amaze – Stage Whispers


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