REVIEW | Jagged Little Pill

The Show was Flawless and Kept You on the Edge of Your Seat

Sydney – Theatre Royal

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

You oughta know the incredible Broadway show, Jagged Little Pill has returned to Sydney, opening at the Theatre Royal on Sunday 17th July and boy did it raise the roof.  Mid way during the show receiving a standing ovation as well as during the finale, a full house exploded to their feet, in awe of the music, the cast and the messages they told with such passion and focussed energy throughout the whole show.

The vibrancy of this cast was truly impactive, inspiring and electric from start to finish.

The commitment and level of talent from every cast member is phenomenal with exceptionally delivered performances from all. Clearly well executed and wonderfully directed work, from Australian Associate Director Leah Howard.

The show was flawless and kept you on the edge of your seat with some confronting and uncompromising subject matters within the storyline, that effects you on many deep levels.

Inspired by Grammy Award winning artist Alanis Morissette this electrifying musical is certainly of a new era. Starring stage and screen icon Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Mary Jane Healy. Nat Bass, as she’s familiarly known embodies this role with every ounce of her soul and boy yes that girl has a voice, on every level.

All principal roles were perfectly cast by casting director Natalie Gilhome. The performers just ‘oozed’ incredible talent. A stand out performance was impeccable from Maggie McKenna who plays Jo. Her heart and soul came through with this role with her passion leaping out from her small frame, filling the theatre with such a brilliance of energy along with the depth and awareness her character and the story line delivers. Clearly stories that need to be heard and told.

Brilliant performances were also noted from Grace Miell who plays Bella along with Emily Nkomo, playing Frankie Healy. Both impact the audience with their infectious energy, commitment and effective performances that you can’t help but fall in love with, through their brave and noble characteristics and sense of loyalty.

This musical sparks a sense of rejoicing with our diverse society embarking on humanity, reminding us we ultimately all bleed the same.

You’ll laugh, it’s got some great one liners that nail certain in-depth topics with light hearted humour. You’ll cry, with the compassion it awakens within your core being and as you are taken on a journey with all these wonderful characters layers and identify you’re own stories and personalities, no doubt you’ll learn more about the importance of these messages executed from the creatives behind this masterpiece. The lighting design, the sets and set changes are seaming-less and executed with flow, simplicity and an ease to the eye.

Beautifully choreographed with simplistic yet impactive movement that  showcases the varied ensemble is both engaging and innovative.

Exceptional work from Movement Director and Choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Associate Choreographer Marc Kimelman and Australian Associate Director Adam Blanch and of course the shows director Diane Paulus.

It was so wonderful to also see the full crew on stage and acknowledged in the finale. Clearly all involved in this production are so talented and passionate.

The impact of this musical is relevant and powerful. It gives you permission to feel and tap into yourself through the characters and storylines.

This is a must see show!

It gives you goose pimples and tingles with a truly exceptional cast and crew!

An absolute credit to all involved.

Be sure to get your tickets NOW!!!

This is a powerhouse show you don’t want to miss!

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