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A Very Naughty Christmas_Melbourne Full Cast (c) James Terry

A Very Naughty Christmas

Naughty List Approved: The Adult Playground of Festive Frolics and Laughter

Reviewed by Brendan Daynes

In a fusion of laughter, music, and grown up joviality, A Very Naughty Christmas boldly catapults itself into the realm of must-see productions this holiday season. This raucous variety concert, proudly presented by Woodward Productions, is a festive bash for those who relish in adult humour, delivering a spirited twist on the holiday season that seamlessly blends naughty and nice.

A Very Naughty Christmas_Melbourne Full Cast (c) James Terry

Originally conceived by the collaborative brilliance of Alex Woodward and Dan Venz in 2017, this adults-only variety show boldly breaks away from the norm and defies the constraints of a conventional narrative. The performance seamlessly intertwines elements of stand-up comedy, skits, parodied songs, and a dazzling array of dance numbers that electrify the entire stage for well over an hour. The production is an evolution in the realm of Christmas entertainment, transforming the age-old tradition of singing Christmas carols into an experience that is just for grown-ups!

Boldly unashamed, Tim Paige takes on the iconic role of Santa, with an unapologetically authentic portrayal infusing the performance with a whimsical charm, highlighted by impeccable comedic timing and delightful interactions with the audience. Rebecca Rolle masterfully navigates her character’s complexities, seamlessly transitioning from ditsy innocence to an unabashed display of her sexiness. Joe Kalou fearlessly takes the stage, embracing his performance and surprising the audience with costumes that thrill and delight. Jordan Twigg emerges as the vocal powerhouse of the performance, showcasing her exceptional vocal talent. Kate Yaxley, hilariously funny and seemingly “innocent,” brings an adults-only charm to the traditional story of Christmas. Madeline Pratt, injects the stage with vitality, introducing the element of burlesque, cleverly incorporating props that add an extra layer of naughtiness. Shay Debney, commits fully to his character as the elf. His bold characterisation adds a layer of unpredictability, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Joshua Spinello stands as the embodiment of physicality, but it is his contributions on the dance floor that become a delight, adding a visually captivating element to the show.

The choreography, a standout feature of the show, stands as a testament to the creative brilliance of Dan Venz, who not only directs but also choreographs the production. These dance sequences incorporate a fusion of styles, from rhythmic tapping to commercial dance, seamlessly blending various genres into a cohesive whole. Working in harmony, the production team, comprising sound designer Ben Murray, set designer Josh McIntosh, and costume designer Isaac Lummis, collaborate cohesively to craft an immersive experience that not only captures the essence of the holiday spirit but adds a mischievous twist. The integration of on-stage live musicians, featuring the talented trio of pianist Martine Wengrow, bassist and guitarist Sam Ainslie, and drummer Facu Alvarez, adds an extra layer to the production. Their exceptional performances, marked by engaging interactions with the cast, firmly establish the band as an indispensable and dynamic component of the festive fun.

A Very Naughty Christmas_Melbourne Full Cast (c) James Terry

This unique production playfully mocks cherished holiday traditions, humorously addressing aspects like parking nightmares and satirical skits on unspoken Christmas quirks. Skilfully navigating the adult side of Christmas, it transforms traditionally serious elements into a comedic playground, inviting the audience to share in the laughter and appreciate the often-overlooked absurdities. This approach offers a refreshing perspective on well-established holiday traditions, intertwining the joy of the season with lively comedic flair.

A Very Naughty Christmas is a creatively bold extravaganza, seamlessly infusing the holiday spirit into 80 minutes of intimacy, tight choreography, and standout performances designed for just for adults. It’s a cheerful celebration that embraces the season with a lighthearted touch, urging audiences to immerse themselves in the joyful and mischievous side of Christmas, that will forever alter your perception of classic carols and leave you craving more festive hilarity.

A Very Naughty Christmas will be delighting audiences in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne throughout December. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets please visit

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