Queensland Ballet’s Giving Day 2023

Giving Day 2023

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet held its annual Giving Day on Thursday 24 August, asking supporters raise vital funds to support its vision to enrich the lives of as many people as possible through the magic of ballet.

Every donation will be quadrupled thanks to generous support of match donors.  $10 becomes $40, $100 becomes $400 and $10,000 becomes $40,000.

Artistic Director Li Cunxin AO said many people were unaware that Queensland Ballet is a not-for-profit, and heavily reliant on donations to deliver new works, community programs and pathways for young dancers.

“In 2022, 42% of Queensland Ballet’s income was generated from philanthropic sources. Philanthropy underpins all that we do and allows us the privilege and opportunity to be visionary, to make the greatest impact and to create a legacy for future generations to access and enjoy ballet,” he said.

The cost of bringing ballet performances to the stage has skyrocketed post-COVID, particularly with freight, materials for costumes, sets and stage design, and more basic things like paper for printing our Artistic programs. Whilst we have adopted more efficient ways to deliver the ballet, including digital storytelling and ticketing.  There are hard costs that we try very hard not to pass directly onto our audiences.”

Director of Foundation & Endowment Rachael Walsh thanked all who have supported Queensland Ballet and its journey so far.

“All we dream to achieve is possible because of the commitment and generosity of you, our donors and visionaries.

“Over the past 11 years of Li’s leadership, together with Executive Director Dilshani Weerasinghe, the Company’s dreams and ambitions have inspired an incredible growth in philanthropy and self-generated income. It has enabled the Company to weather the significant impacts of COVID-19 over the past three years, and is now directed towards  creating more employment opportunities for Queensland Ballet artists, arts professionals and educators, and to create new and innovative works, tour regionally and internationally, “she said.

Money is spent on new artistic works.

New works are essential to a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture landscape. They enable Queensland Ballet to provide opportunities to explore new ideas, engage emerging talent, and push the boundaries of art as a vehicle for storytelling.

Choreographer Jack Lister says the importance of new work is paramount.

“We know what we can do. We don’t know what we can’t, and we don’t know whose is going to make that. I think it’s our responsibility. We need to have opportunity there.”

His words echoed by My Brilliant Career Choreographer and Director of Ballett Zürich Cathy Marston.

“Progression is important, we need to look further than what we know. So in creating new works, a ballet company is building its cannon, it’s building its history and will go further into the future the more we continue to look ahead into what we don’t know.”

Queensland Ballet Principal Artist Mia Heathcote said it’s a special process to create a new work.

“It’s really unique to the people that are working on it, the sense of creativity when all people in the room and the choreographer come together.”

Money is spent to aid participation in Health and Community Programs.

Queensland Ballet is committed to enabling every Queenslander access to the artform. Each year, over 30,000 people are engaged through the Company’s  diverse community and education programs.

Head of Community Engagement, Lily Spencer said support is necessary to sustain Queensland Ballet’s extensive Health and Community programs.

“Each year we deliver dance health programs which includes weekly classes for Dance for Parkinson’s and Ballet for Brain Injury. We hold a range of dance classes each week for all ages from our Petit Pointers who start at 1 year of age, to our ballet for seniors program.”

Money is spent to deliver pathways for dancers.

The impact of Giving Day has enabled Queensland Ballet Academy to continue to welcome students from across Queensland, interstate and overseas, to provide elite training at its world-class facilities.

Company Artist Frederick Montgomery is just one of many dancers to have come through the and Queensland Ballet Academy, which he credits for providing the pathway into dance as a professional.

“The impact the Queensland Ballet Academy has had on my life is unmeasurable. I had the privilege of attending the the Academy and training in the  unique facilities. I was able to study ballet full time with world renowned teachers and had access to qualified health professionals. I also had the opportunity to perform live, all while completing my High School studies in person,” he said.

Money is spent on jobs.

As a Major Performing Arts organisation, Queensland Ballet continues to provide employment to more than 200 workers, including 140 behind-the-scenes staff, from production crew, to costumiers, wig makers, teaching artists, and business staff.

Giving Day is Queensland Ballet’s annual public campaign. Funds raised will enable real impact in community, enriching lives, improving health and well-being and supporting the arts towards a sustainable future.

To donate go to Qbgivingday.com

Donations of any amount are welcomed. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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