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Sydney Spiegeltent

As Halloween approaches and Sydney searches for the perfect nocturnal treat, the answer lurks in the sultry shadows of Sydney Spiegeltent. In just two weeks, running from 25 October – 19 November, the city’s most daring and darkly sensual show, MANSION, will take the stage.

Immerse yourself in a spine-tingling realm where gothic horror waltzes with decadent dance, where bone-chilling aerial acts soar amidst tantalizing burlesque performances, and every act promises a thrill that will send shivers down your spine.

This Halloween season, elevate your celebrations with an experience crafted for the brave, the bold, and those seeking the ultimate blend of horror and hedonism. Prepare to have your senses stirred, your heart racing, and your darkest fantasies brought to life in the five-star, wickedly erotic world of MANSION.

MANSION follows the tale of the newly widowed Mel Walker and her children, who seek refuge in an old Mansion hoping for new beginnings. But little do they know, they’re about to dance with seductive spirits and demonic desires. Horror has never looked so sexy, and burlesque has never looked more gruesome. Each act unfolds a chapter of lust, temptation, and pure unadulterated horror.

Before MANSION‘s eerie allure ensnares you, delve into its roots with WITCH—a $35, 30-minute add-on performance staged before the Walker family move in. Encounter the mansion’s prior residents through spellbinding burlesque, circus, and dance. Clad in luxury and concealing dark secrets, three mysterious women pose a haunting question: monsters, victims, or mirrors of us? Discover their stories in this exclusive prelude. After all, it is the season of the WITCH.

From Bass Fam, the creative team behind the award winning box office hits MATADOR and ORACLE, MANSION is a tantalizing fusion of bewitching dance, steamy burlesque, and gravity-defying acrobatics that has entranced audiences and critics across the country. At MANSION, the seduction and terror is served in perfect harmony. Everybody knows that the veil between fear and excitement is whisper thin…

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sydney’s inner east, the Sydney Spiegeltent is a magical realm where the stars of cabaret, circus, and theatre shine brightest. Under its twinkling festoons, patrons are treated to a curated mix of cocktails, show-girl strength G&Ts, and artisan beers. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable night at the always dazzling, occasionally rowdy, and undeniably iconic Sydney Spiegeltent.

While MANSION promises to dazzle, the Sydney Spiegeltent has even more in store. As summer graces Sydney with its warmth, an adults-only cabaret and circus show is poised to take centre stage  in late November and December. Stay tuned for updates!

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“From its ominous opening sequence to its intense final moments…THE PERFECT NIGHTMARE”
★★★★★ IN DAILY

“Bewitching contemporary dance, sultry burlesque, and jaw-dropping acrobatics…UNFORGETTABLE”

“Unlikely you have ever seen a show quite like Mansion. It will engage & intrigue & most definitely thrill & delight!”

“SUPERBLY CHOREOGRAPHED… disturbing, haunting, strangely beautiful”

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