The internationally acclaimed Mulan is coming to Melbourne in just a few short weeks. Following a six month tour of the US, the dazzling show for families will play Melbourne for the very first time at The Arts Centre – State Theatre from 3 to 5 February 2011.
Originating from a traditional Chinese myth, the family-friendly acrobatic show, Mulan tells the story about a young girl named Hua Mulan who brings honor to her family by becoming a warrior and enters a glorifying war against the bandits. The story of Hua Mulan was adapted as a major Walt Disney animated feature film in 1998, delighting families around the world. This heartwarming story is told by an extraordinary visiting troupe of performers the Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe of China through acrobatics, dances, and artistic stage designs.
The visually spectacular show is ideal for families, Mulan features thirty five performers, with the youngest being twelve years old and has made an outstanding breakthrough in acrobatic techniques, with incredible displays of Silk Trapeze, Meteriors and Hoop Diving. A team of professional martial arts performers have been incorporated into the show so that audiences can enjoy high-level martial techniques and adventurous scenes, which bring about a unique and breathtaking visual experience.
Mulan is divided into five acts, which each exhibit unique and magnificent physical skills. The Festival uses the incredible displays of balancing and foot juggling. The Army Recruitment exhibits masculine power and prowess and features the incredible treading on drums act. The Fight against Bandits simulates a war scene and includes hoop diving. Head over Heels in Love uses fluid acrobatic skills such as Shadow Puppet Plays and the dazzling Silk Trapeze to create romance. The Triumph is the final celebration and includes the amazing Meterior and Play Dooly acts both of which include demonstrations of human bodies defying gravity as the troupe perform amazing airborne talents to the sounds of the roaring drums and resounding horns.
Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe has received many international and domestic awards for its wonderful programmes. One of their many awards includes the Splendour Award (for professional theatrical artworks). Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe has performed in over eighty countries and more than four hundred cities. The show has received rave reviews from international audiences all around the world.
A fantastically thrilling event for all the family
For more information:

The Arts Centre – State Theatre
Thursday, 3 February, 7.30pm
Friday, 4 February, 7.30pm
Saturday, 5 February, 1.30pm & 7.30pm
1300 182 183
Photo: My 24/7