Monday Night LiveWhat I love about NYC is that you can go into a bar like Don’t Tell Mama’s or Marie’s Crisis and listen to people sing who have just walked off the street. From a Broadway Star to a young musical theatre student all types are welcome and it just gives these performers an extra opportunity to do what they love – SING! There is no pressure, people read the lyrics from song books, rock up from being at the gym or were going out to be entertained and ended up on stage. It has a great feel to it and if you’re a big musical theatre fan like I am it really is the perfect night out.
A few weeks ago a friend was telling me about this new night at Slide in Sydney called ‘Monday Night Live’ where people get up on stage and sing a song, usually in a cabaret style. Since then I have been waiting for a free Monday night and when it came 4 days ago I was thrilled. I really did feel like I was back in NYC! We sat at our own little table, had our $10 meals and $5 Gin and Tonics. Over the course of the night we witnessed some fantastic talent, all very different, from all walks of life (one girl had come from an interview) but all of them loved to sing. Truly entertaining! Isaac Hayward is brilliant on the keys. Each singer brings up their own sheet music and away he plays. They also have songbooks there if you need some inspiration!
The reason I’m telling you about this night is because I see this night it as a great opportunity for anyone out there that wants to improve as a singer and performer. There is no pressure and no one cares if you forget the words or turn up in your pjs. Alternatively if you’re not a singer and feeling like a cheap feed and some entertainment on Monday night why don’t you rock up for some fun. We’ll be going again and would love to see you there!

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