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Opening 2021

The Ministry of Performing Arts College is the only one of its kind in Victoria. Delivering education for students from Year 7 to Year 12, MOPAC is focused on delivering the complete package – including:

🔸  Academic Studies 🔸  Dance 🔸  Voice 🔸  Acting

“We don’t just teach shapes, we shape lives!” – Jason Coleman

Open to talented students in any genre of the performing arts realm. Located at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance in North Melbourne, this unique program is designed to nurture and develop triple threat performers. The MPOC students will grow and learn in an environment that is renowned for the dynamic buzz, creativity, world-class facilities and welcoming culture.

MOPAC’S environment is energised, diverse, supportive and flexible.
Its incredibly talented faculty is headed by Jason Coleman and MOPAC Director Kenneth Radley, along with a highly dynamic education team that will nurture the students’ talent and growth.


The Ministry of Performing Arts College endorses student-centred learning in an environment that promotes:

Safety extends beyond the physical well-being of students. To have a safe learning environment, students must feel welcomed, supported, and respected.

A student-centred approach to learning tailors instruction to a students’ unique strengths and needs. Encouraging the students’ creative curiosity, and in doing so, avoiding the disengagement that has become quite a serious issue in our society over recent years. This coinciding with the rapid rise in social media and the pressures associated with the heavy use of devices.

Students must feel connected to teachers, staff and other students.  An ongoing focus on social and emotional learning helps students understand and manage their emotions and interactions with others.  Once connectedness has been established, one can then build the skills necessary to communicate and resolve conflicts.

Students must feel supported by all those connected to their learning experience. This includes teachers, classmates, administrators, family, and community members. These parties should share an understanding of what a positive school climate within the school and classroom looks like, so they can work together toward this common goal.

The Ministry of Performing Arts College is a specialist institute of education. Students will complete all compulsory learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum through remote learning, on-site at the Ministry of Dance. In addition, during these study hours, students will be supervised, mentored and guided by a registered ‘Victorian Institute of Teaching’ teacher ensuring academic progress in all aspects of the Victorian Curriculum. Performing arts studies include, in-depth training in dance, vocal studies, acting, media and performance.

To train young performers in all genres of dance creating athleticism and artistry. Establishing and enhancing safe dance techniques that promote longevity in dance. To nurture and inspire the creativity of the individual as a performer and choreographer. To work and perform with depth, quality and conviction.

To educate students in the use of the voice as an instrument for effective, musical communication through performance. Students will develop technical and foundational aspects of the voice including function/production and appropriate techniques for singing, whilst enhancing individuality through appropriate repertoire.

To express and explore personal, cultural and social circumstances through role and situation. Students actively use body, gesture, movement, voice and language, taking on roles to explore and depict real and imagined worlds.  They create, rehearse, perform and respond using the elements and conventions of drama and existing technologies available to them..

To establish a strong understanding of Media; how it is produced, who owns it, and how to create it across multiple platforms including Film, Television, advertising, print, photography and social media. Students will learn how to evaluate and dissect media in a deep and critical way.

To engage with a wide range of performance platforms whilst experiencing a combination of both practice-based and concept-driven learning. To develop and incorporate performance skills into solo and ensemble work focusing on authentic storytelling.

Amazing world-class facilities in the heart of Melbourne Australia, boasting 15 incredible dance and vocal studios, a professional photographic studio and black box theatre. Ministry is accessible via public transport. Street parking and shopping precincts are within walking distance.

For more information, register for the MOPAC Prospectus and to Audition.

T: +61 3 9329 6770


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