Loredo Malcolm & Locreado Dance Company

Teens in rehearsal with Locreado Dance Company

There are not many people that push themselves as hard as the inspirational Loredo Malcolm. Since meeting Loredo several years ago, it’s been a complete pleasure to get to know the man that is not only one of Australia’s most loved celebrity dancers from his So You Think You Can Dance and musical theatre fame, but is also one of the country’s most philanthropic choreographers and prolific producers of opportunities for young dancers.
Since 2009, Loredo has developed his semi-professional Company known as LoCreAdo Dance Company which had its origins in Melbourne. Taking young talented dancers and training them in the artistry and discipline of company life, Loredo has mentored numerous performers and assisted their transition into the professional world.
In 2010, LoCreAdo Dance Company found its new home in Sydney which also became Loredo’s home base. Despite his own professional engagements with shows such as Hairspray, Chicago and now Lion King, Loredo has continued to commit to his cause of creating a unique performance and learning opportunity for young artists at his own expense.
In 2012, Loredo added a ‘Junior Company’ division to his productions, engaging talented dancers as young as 10 years of age. With weekly rehearsals of just four hours on a Sunday, the Junior Company has been drawn from talented dancers across Sydney, the South and Central Coasts.
Just two months ago, Loredo produced a full scale company performance including both the Junior and Senior companies. “It’s a really big deal for me because I have brought these kids in from all over – all studios – they come together for four hours a week for six months to put on this amazing show … It’s been overwhelming! Overall, I’m just really grateful that I get the opportunity to do this. I just hope that someday I can get sponsorship to just make it a bigger better deal but for now I’m very grateful for the support of the parents, the studios and DanceLife, and just friends that are around constantly to assist.
One of the young dancers from that performance, Holly MacDonald, explained the true value of Loredo’s philanthropy: “My experience with LoCreAdo Dance Company has been amazing; it’s something I won’t forget. I’ve made new friends and learned that professionalism is everything in company life. It’s so important to be on time, be ready to go, warmed up and just to bring your ‘A-Game’. Loredo worked us hard in rehearsal but I really enjoyed every minute of it.”
Last Sunday, yet another performance from the Junior Company was brought to the stage to raise funds to cover expenses of running the valuable organisation. With great diversity and inspired musical choices, many of the Junior Company members performed exquisite solo dances interspersed with guest performances from Senior Company members and combined numbers choreographed by Loredo and his assistant teachers Vi Lam, Lauren Bartlett and Rebecca Mansuetto.
Some beautiful young stars in the making included many young female dancers who performed routines varying from story-telling lyrical, to neo classical and various forms of commercial, pseudo-tribal and more classic contemporary styles. Teens Aaron Matherson and Ben Zammit exuded not only great athleticism but an intense honesty and connection to their pieces. A highlight of the program was definitely the final number performed by the male ensemble including Loredo himself. Their synergy and strength was awe-inspiring. Despite incredible fatigue from intense rehearsals for Lion King, Loredo pulled out some of his most exceptional trademark choreography and razor-sharp intensity. Always a pleasure to witness his passion, his moments on stage underscored Loredo’s commitment to sharing what he loves with the next generation.
For more information on LoCreAdo Dance Company, visit www.locreado.com.au
Loredo Malcolm