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LOREDO MALCOLM’S latest offering of spellbinding contemporary dance comes to NIDA’s Playhouse Theatre on May 12th.
“THE4ELEMENTS” is Choreographed by Loredo Malcolm, with guest choreographers Jason Winters, Holly Headrick, Rebecca Nastasi and Alyse Davies.
The show is a 90 minute special with Nothing but DANCE! Over the past few years, Loredo has become renowned for producing exceptional contemporary works.
This production sees 26 amazing dancers ranging in age from as young as 10 years to 29 years old, using their bodies to demonstrate the 4 elements of LIFE: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
This Contemporary Dance production will keep you on the edge of your seat! With exceptional talent well beyond their years, the Junior Company blends beautifully with their Senior Company mentors giving breathtaking performances as a whole.
“Every Sunday for the past 6 months I have borne witness to the work and talent of some of the finest dancers in Australia. Every rehearsal has been consumed with nothing but blood, sweat and tears and I am so grateful that I am able to create my 5th production ‘The 4 Elements’. This show reaches extremities and is anything but conventional and predictable. More importantly, it is the epitome of unrecognized raw talent, passion and love of dance. Saturday the 12th of May will be the audience’s turn to bear witness to what we have all worked so hard for –  don’t be the person that misses out”
– Loredo Malcolm

Loredo is well known in the world of dance, theatre and entertainment with achievements including:  So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2009,  Chicago The Musical,  Lion King The Musical, Hairspray The Musical, Wicked The Musical,  Kylie Minogue Dancer and head choreographer for a vast range of international clients.
We have some tickets to give away to Loredo’s amazing new show for Saturday 12th May.  If you are Sydney-based and would like to win tickets, email us at win@dancelife.com.au with your contact details.
Purchase tickets here
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