Kelley Abbey – Follow Your Dream!

kelly abbey smiling, credit james morgan
Kelley Abbey has been working in television, theatre and film as a leading performer, choreographer and creative director nationally and internationally for the last 30 years. As well as playing numerous award winning leading roles like Sweet Charity, Kelley has choreographed and won Helpmann Awards for many musicals and was part of the creative team on the Oscar winning film Happy Feet. She has worked with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Olivia Newton-John, John Farnham, Ricky Martin, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Jessica Mauboy, Guy Seabastian, Ronan Keating, Chrissie Amphlett, to name a few.
Last year Kelley took a series of industry lectures across Australia – inspiring, educating and motivating young performers in how to be a working professional in the industry. There was a great response!
Kelley has a window of time this year after March where she wants to share her extensive knowledge and inspire young performers. The lecture is called FOLLOW YOU R DREAM!
This lecture can be specifically catered to the needs of the individual school, full-time course or agency. As well as sharing about her broad and varied career.  Kelley can cover topics such as:

  • Requirements of a successfully working professional dancer
  • Managing your life as a professional: resumes, showreels, selling yourself, tax
  • Audition technique
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Looking after your instrument; diet and nutrition, dealing with injury and body maintenance
  • Maintaining and developing your creative skills
  • Pushing past your boundaries
  • Developing the actor in your dancer
  • The cross over from dancer to singer and vice versa
  • Nurturing the choreographer in you and famous pioneer choreographers
  • Adapting to different styles
  • Dance for film vs theatre stage
  • Working on your weaknesses
  • Keeping motivated and positive

For all enquiries, contact Travel will be added to the lecture price.
Photo credit – James Morgan