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Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is an Author, Life Coach and Speaker from the US, known and loved for inspiring radical self-reflection and giving practical direction.

She is bringing her best transformational tools to Australia in an exclusive one-day event on Saturday 2nd February, 2013 teaching you to:

Being who you are so you can do what you love and have what you want

Christine significantly changed her own life from:
• Leaving a successful Hollywood agent career at age 26 to pursue something she was passionate about.
• Being dumped by her fiancé 6 months before her wedding in her twenties and then a divorce at 33.
• Disowned by her family.
• Dealing with huge financial debt.
• Healing an “undiagnosable” auto immune disorder.
• Overcoming depression after being medicated for 20 years.
Life throws us all curve balls, but with the commitment to live a fulfilled life Christine’s journey equipped her with the tools and compassion to teach you how to do the same.
In this experiential workshop you will learn:
• How to really answer the question, “Who I am” and eliminate fear and anxiety from your life.
• That scarcity is the biggest bunch of BS and you can create what you want no matter what your circumstances are.
• The surprising and unexpected place to find your passion and how put it into action immediately.
• How to be spiritual and still get stuff done (and make money!).
• How to feel loved no matter what is going on in your love life or with anyone else.
• The formula for attracting relationships and opportunities that support you to live your dreams and be your best self.
What you will learn in just six hours could be the most important lessons you will ever learn (IF you implement it right away in your life).
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience Christine’s work while she is here in Sydney!!
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More about Christine….

Christine is a trained life coach with a full practice since 2004, she holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, is certified in NLP and hypnosis, has authored two best selling personal growth books (and is working on her third). Christine has spoken to thousands of people of all ages all over the country and was the spokesperson for American Express.
Currently, she leads transformational workshops, facilitates spiritual adventure retreats, speaks all over the world and is the youngest faculty member at The University of Santa Monica.
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