Inspired Dance Film Gala Screening

Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia Presents the Inaugural Live & Online Gala Screenings

Get Your Tickets for Sunday Nov 8

PLUS! … WIN TICKETS!!  DanceLife has a double pass to give away to both the IDFFA Schools (1:30 – 4pm) & IDFFA (4:30-7pm) Gala Screenings on November 8. To enter, simply send in your Name & Mobile phone number to with the subject heading of EITHER ‘IDFFA Schools Show’ or ‘IDFFA Main Show’. Winners will be drawn at random on Friday November 6 and contacted directly to confirm. 


The inaugural LIVE Festival Gala Screening Events of Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia and IDFFA Schools is looking forward to bringing lovers of dance back to the cinema. Creating the ultimate cinema experience, the LIVE screenings will be presented at the newly refurbished Cinema 1, HOYTS Entertainment Quarter.

Tickets are now available for the red carpet Gala Screening and Awards Presentation.

Taking place On Sunday November 8 both live at The Entertainment Quarter’s Hoyts cinema complex in Sydney and online, the Gala will see all finalists being shown before the awards are announced.

Short dance films are the heartbeat of both festivals, with IDFFA presenting a vast array of concepts from as far afield as Spain, Argentina, Poland and USA. Of note, Argentinian film Being, which has been an official selection in 11 other festivals across the globe, and produced and directed by Pablo Destito and Agustina Videla, is vying for Best International Dance Film Award.

Australia is also well represented, not least by Reminiscence created, directed, and performed by Lucy Doherty, and ID, produced by Paul Malek, and directed by award-winning director and choreographer Cass Mortimer Eipper.  Both films are up for this year’s Best Australian Dance Film Award. Scarlet Rose by Georgie Fabien is also an Australian entrant in the list of official finalists.

Dance film enthusiasts can also enjoy an ONLINE screening of the outstanding semi-finalists, selected from 70 films submitted from 16 countries across the globe, from Nov 1 – 8.  While these films did not make the finals, they are too good not to be seen! IDFFA is very conscious that COVID has hit us all hard, so have made this is a pay-what-you-can event. Every dollar goes to supporting the future of IDFFA and supporting the dance film industry in Australia.

Attendees of the IDFFA sister festival, IDFFA Schools, will enjoy an impressive showcase of the best school and student created film of the 2020 season. After the screening of the finalist’s films will be the announcement of award winners, including Best Part-Time Dance School Film Award, Best Full-Time Dance School Award, and Best Dance Film Production Award.

“We’re thrilled to be presenting the finalists of the 90 plus films submitted from 16 countries in our inaugural year of IDFFA. The broad scope of creativity that dance on film allows, and the spirited artistry of dance filmmakers is truly what Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia is about. The festival galas are an opportunity for audiences to enjoy the screening of finalists and announcement of award winners and support the filmmakers who made them” says former dancer and co-founder Rohan Seinor.

IDFFA is an international dance on film festival with a core focus on nurturing the dance on film industry in Australia. Created to provide choreographers, dancers, and filmmakers from all around the world a vehicle to present dance on film, generate a hub that connects both industries and brings a new audience of dance lovers to the cinema. Due to demand, they added a schools component to the program creating the IDFFA Schools Festival which is run as a separate festival with the goal to galvanise part-time, full-time, and secondary dance schools and students to expand their creativity and explore, bold, innovative concepts on film. Their mission is to inspire studios and students to produce awe-inspiring dance on film, educate new filmmakers by way of masterclasses and workshops, and elevate the dance community by showcasing your sensational films at our Schools Gala.

Founder Ian Knowles says that the broad scope of creativity that dance on film allows and the spirited artistry of dance filmmakers is truly what Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia.

The 2020 judging panel are: Todd McKenney, Kelley Abbey, Jason Gilkison, Deborah Brown, Dein Perry, Jess Orcsik, Dene Kermond, Tammy Colucci, Stephen Tannos and Angela Blake.

The IDFFA 2020 Gala Finalists Official Selection are:

Being – Pablo Destito / Agustina Videla (Argentina)
Apple – Jiang Xiong (China)
Toporzeł – Iwona Pasińska (Poland)
Traces – Alex Murrull (Spain)
Reminiscence – Lucy Doherty (Australia)
Liminality – Jennifer Akalina Petuch / Annali Rose (USA)
Breathe In – Melissa Barak (USA)
See You When You Appear – Holly Wilder (USA)
In My Shoes – Oriol Martín Gual (Spain)
ID – Cass Mortimer Eipper (Australia)
Small World – Danny Boulet (USA)
Tripolar – Cristina Hall / Daniel N. Buxton (Spain)
Scarlet Rose – Georgie Fabien (Australia)

There will also be a special online screening of 16 noteworthy entries between November 1- 8 which includes 4 Australian films: Gaslight by Good JohnDespotic Tendencies by Gavin Jarrett/Anton, Dancing Through Life by Aaron Smyth and  Soul Whisperings by Simonne Smiles. See Facebook for more information.

The Official Selection for the Gala Finalists in the IDFFA Schools event are:

Nothing Left For You – Vanguard Performing Arts (WA)
Fire and Fate – Santa Maria College (WA)
This Bitter Earth – Zoe Jameson (Student)
Starry Night – The Next Step Performing Arts (NSW)
A Thousand Miles – The Next Step Performing Arts (NSW)
Giant – The Next Step Performing Arts (NSW)
Elements – The Next Step Performing Arts (NSW)
Where They From – The Next Step Performing Arts (NSW)
In This Shirt – KRS Dance (NSW)
The Picker – Victoria High School Dance Department (Canada)
Humble – KRS Dance (NSW)
The Wave – KRS Dance (NSW)
Envision – St Francis Xavier College Senior Dance Class (ACT)‘

Follow on Facebook for all the details: Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia and IDFFA Schools

For further festival information contact: Ian Knowles, Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia +61 2 8096 2200 or


Sunday Nov 1 @ 10am – Sunday Nov 8 @ 12pm
Tickets: Pay What You Can

Sunday November 8 @ 4:30pm – 7pm
Hoyts Cinemas, The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney


Sunday November 8 @ 1:30pm – 4pm
Hoyts Cinemas, The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, limited seats are available for both LIVE events. Act fast if you wish to purchase tickets for either of the LIVE Gala Screenings.


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