How Can I Still Succeed Without A Strong Support Network?

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Hello there DanceLifers! This is my first post for 2012 – I’ve been making changes to my business model so you will be seeing a lot more video footage of ‘moi’ this year.    These are some very simple and very cool videos to get out to you with tips and advice I have for you and your business in the performing arts.
I had some feedback from a video I made on the “3-B System” late last year and I wanted to share some important questions that were raised and my answers in this article.
Enjoy the read! (I have changed the persons name for privacy.)
“Hi Bec. Hope you don’t mind me responding. Even though I am not a singer/dancer, my heart sings and dances. I love your article, and a few items stand out to me. You mentioned how much you thrived when you were in a “supportive environment”, what if people don’t have this supportive atmosphere, what other things could they do to help themselves blossom ? And secondly, I think we are all evolving throughout our journies, so we are not necessarily changing our minds. And lastly, “The fake it til you make it”, over the years I have realised that it is not actually “faking” it, because you are just implementing “raw strengths,” not weaknesses, hidden gifts not yet embraced. There is no fakeness in that hey ? Taking this approach, enables you to embrace your true authenticity. Thanks for a great article Bec. Blessings, Katie.”
Here’s my reply…
“You have some interesting items there, and the first thing I thought about when you asked about “being in a supportive environment” is to get out there and find your tribe of people. For years of having trichotillomania I had no support and I knew no one who was experiencing any thing close to what I was. When the Internet came out and there we discussions and groups and information, I had found my tribe of people and now talk with them on an ongoing basis. I found my tribe and I’ve never met any of them in Person. Get into an online discussion or support group or make your own. There are so many more options available to us now the Internet is at our fingertips. If you don’t have access to computers, head to the library and find any sort of supportive material, books, magazines, audiotapes that will encourage and enforce your hidden desires and help you build that muscle up even more. Be your own support in this too, cheer yourself on and champion yourself. That takes a lot of work, but it definitely you’re worth giving energy to and it definitely helps.
I agree we are evolving along our journey. We can’t help it- it’s nature, it’s science and we are influenced daily by allowing different thought “seeds” in. These grow and we grow along with them. To add to the ‘mind change’ thing, I need to say that it’s not a ‘change my mind and I’ve done it thing’, it takes constant reminding to focus your thoughts and put energy into that ‘new’ challenge. You need to commit to making it manifest into reality. I think I know what you mean by “we are implementing ‘raw strengths’ ” and I’ll take it to mean the resources that we have inside us already, that we have not tapped into yet. In coaching, which I have had the pleasure of studying, we use the terminology of ‘modelling’ which means physically replicating people who have achieved what you wish to achieve and therefore getting the same results as they have. We also learn to mentally model those people, who have brought those strengths that we all have inside us out to the surface, and thus achieving the same results as them. I am of the belief that every person has inside them the answers to the Q’s they seek and we have all the resources we need inside us to answer those questions and make like how we desire it to be for us. Authentically and with integrity.
Thanks for your thoughts Katie! Its a great thing to engage in conversations of this type- I thank you again.”
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Bec xoxox