Fellowship to Goh

Angela Goh, Uncanny Valley Girl, Photo by Rafaela Pandolfini

Angela Goh Receives Beyond The Studio Fellowship

Sydney Dance Company & Create NSW

Angela Goh has been announced as the recipients of the inaugural Beyond The Studio Fellowship, sponsored by Sydney Dance Company and Create NSW.

Angela Goh, Sky Blue Mythic, Photo by Zan Wimberley

The Beyond The Studio Fellowship, (valued at $50,000 including in-kind support), was set up to support a choreographer, dancer, producer, composer or designer, to receive $30,000 from Create NSW as they pursue intense periods of engagement with Sydney Dance Company’s artistic and administrative team over a 12-18 month period. The Fellowship is designed to support career progression and professional development towards a future leadership role in the arts industry.

Angela Goh is an Australian dancer and choreographer whose work considers the body in relationship to commodity, materiality, technology and feeling. Her works have been presented across Australia and internationally, and she has performed in the work of other artists and companies such as Marina Abramovic (USA/SRB), Branch Nebula (AUS), Chunky Move (AUS), Mette Edvardsen (NOR/BE) and Marten Spangberg (SWE).

Goh will commence work with Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela and Executive Director Anne Dunn and their respective teams in July, transitioning her skills as an independent artist to those required for leadership of an established company and the dance sector. She will work on both virtual and physical creative development and learning sessions and lead projects with Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year program students.

Create NSW Executive Director Chris Keely said, “Congratulations to Angela Goh, whose incredible passion, skill, and imagination has secured this important Fellowship. Create NSW is thrilled to be part of the inaugural Beyond The Studio Fellowship with Sydney Dance Company, which will allow Angela to further explore her unbelievable ingenuity with one of the world’s foremost dance companies. Angela now has the opportunity to develop and deliver exciting new choreographic work, in contemporary and experimental dance, to take Sydney and NSW to the world stage.”

Rafael Bonachela said, “I am delighted that Angela Goh will be joining Sydney Dance Company in July to undertake the inaugural Beyond The Studio Fellowship. She is an incredible talent and a wonderful artist. Nurturing emerging choreographers and creative artists is such an important part of Sydney Dance Company’s activities and it is even more important that we can offer Angela opportunity to develop her leadership skills during this difficult and uncertain time for the arts industry. I look forward to working with her over the next 18 months and acknowledge Create NSW’s visionary investment in this incredibly valuable program to secure the future of the next generation of creative leaders.”

Angela Goh said, “I’m thrilled to take up this fellowship which is an unprecedented opportunity to expand the scope of my artistic practice through a dedicated and dynamic range of activities with Sydney Dance Company. This fellowship presents an opportunity to build meaningful, reciprocal, and enduring relationships between a major performing arts company and the independent and experimental communities that I am part of, and I am buoyed by the strength this will bring to dance in Sydney.”

Angela Goh, Uncanny Valley Girl, Photo by Bryony Jackson
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