Dream Dance Co Dancers – Part 1

The Dream Dance Company presents GENESIS, the birth of a new Australian commercial dance company featuring an all star cast of the top professional dancers in Australia. Directed and choreographed by two of Australia’s leading creative forces Marko Panzic and Stephen Tannos this show is set to redefine dance in theatre! Earlier this month DanceLife had the opportunity to interview some of the talented cast of The Dream Dance Company. Here in this two-part series we ask company members questions about this exciting new company and their journeys as dancers. In part 1 we are featuring Rob McLean, Teagan Seaborn, Cat Santos and Adrian Spuria. Enjoy!

What does it mean to be a part of the dream dance company?

Rob McLean

ROB: It’s an exciting opportunity to train, create and perform with such a talented group of people. It’s lovely to be recognised for what I do, and to be able to represent that with the company. To share this with the Australian dance community is an honour.
ADRIAN: Being able to be a part of something as special as The Dream Dance co is really exhilarating. To be surrounded by incredible dancers and work and grow with them in a safe environment Is a rare and special experience. As a dancer I believe it’s important to always be pushing yourself and challenging yourself as not only a dancer but as a human also and I believe that by doing a show like this that growth is possible. I feel really blessed and honored to be able to bring Marko and Stephen’s vision to life while making some long lasting connections and friendships along the way.
CAT: To be a part of the dream dance company means I get to explore and indulge in what makes my career so infinitely magical. I get to sweat, laugh, scream and create with some of my favorite movers in the Australian Industry, people I am lucky to call my friends.
Teagan Seaborn

TEAGAN: Being in the dream dance company to me means training with the some of the best dancers and choreographers in Australia. It means being apart of something that is going to make me a better dancer/person. It’s also a chance to show Australia how important the dance industry is and that we need to keep supporting it and it’s a chance for us to take the centre stage and not be hidden behind as the “back up dancers”. We get to show what we love doing everyday of our life!
What was your journey to get here?
ROB: I grew up dancing in Canberra, mainly hip hop, then moved to Melbourne where I did a lot of contemporary work, and last year moved to Sydney in search of work as a commercial dancer. I has spent time overseas and I have such a passion for dance here in Australia, I think there is a lot of talent and a lot to be achieved in our country. My journey has opened me up to many influences and many styles… Every time I feel like I found myself or my ‘niche’ I see something/someone different, and I’m re inspired and motivated to learn and be more. This company, I’m sure, will change me again.
ADRIAN: My journey to The Dream dance co was definitely a quick one. I had decided to move to Sydney fromMelbourne early January 2015. I wanted to check out the Sydney dance scene and give it go then about a week before my departure date I found about the audition for ‘GENSIS’ which was being held 2 days before my intended arrival to Sydney. Due to prior commitments o was unable to move up my departure date so I booked a flight for the same day as the audition, came in did it and flew back to Melbourne that night. Two days later I moved up and the rest is a blur. Finding out I had been successful in gaining a position in the dream dance co made me realize I had made the right decision moving to Sydney.
Cat Santos

CAT: My journey with the DDC almost feels like the turn of a cycle. I began my dance career by pouring myself and immersing into the world of Tannos+Choice where I got to chance to show who I was and what I could do so freshly out of full time. I remember looking up to so many people and being so excited to work with people I regarded so highly. Now with DDC, 4 years later I get to work with those same people, who I still hold at such a high regard, except this time I feel pretty damn lucky to also be someone that people look up to. Something I never imagined could be possible.
TEAGAN: It’s been an exciting journey so far although I have a lot more ahead of me. I started dance when I was 3 and then I moved out of home when I was 15 to pursue my love for dance in Sydney. I trained at Brent street studios for 4yrs and in 2014 I completed my certificate IV in performing arts. That year was definitely an important year for me. I learned so much about the industry and made me realize you had to be patient. After full-time I didn’t really have any plans and when I decided to audition for the Dream Dance Company, I never thought I would actually make it. But I did! And I’m so humble and grateful to be apart of it and to continue on my journey.
What does The Dream Dance Company mean for Australian dance?
ROB: The company is creating something for dancers to aspire to be a part of in our own country. It’s working and performing opportunity here in Australia, with who knows what to follow.
Adrian Spuria

ADRIAN: I Truly believe that if everyone gets behind ‘The Dream Dance co’ it could have such a powerful and positive effect on the Australian dance industry. We currently live in a system where dancers are made to feel that they must look, act and dance a certain way in order to achieve success. The incredible thing about The Dream dance co is that it promotes individuality and freedom of expression and that there is true beauty in watching someone perform in a way that is 100% authentic to who they are without fear of judgment which is so important for the younger generation coming up into this industry to see and understand.
CAT: The DDC is opening so many possibilities for the fruition of dance in Australia. This is truly a trail blazing concept. Something we will look back on one day and think “my goodness, what did we ever do without it!”
TEAGAN: The Dream Dance Company is something we have never had in Australia. It’s going to be the first commercial company that will not have a segregation of genres. It will fuse together different styles and push the limits of each dancer. It will be a chance for the audience to be inspired and to see a creative production.

The Dream Dance Company’s “Genisis” will premier 1st of May – 3rd of May at NIDA Parade Theatre.

There will only be 5 shows!

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