David Camm – choreographer for new rock musical

Sydney is about to be hit with a new and exciting ROCK MUSICAL with great music, vocals, dance and acting – all written by Chris Dockrill!

We caught up with choreographer, David Camm last week to chat about the new production and his involvement.

David Camm - Choreographer for The Island of Doctor Moron

Tell us about your background and how you came to be a part of the Island of Doctor Moron Show?

I grew up in the country, in Tamworth and I started dancing at the age of 15. I trained there for three years in Tamworth and then I went to Sydney. I danced two years at Brent Street under the direction of Jacqui Howard and after I finished my Certificate IV fulltime course I got a job on Carnival Cruise Lines. When I came back from my contract I started a production company. That’s how I came to be a part of The Island of Doctor Moron, through my choreographic work in Sydney.
Tell us a little bit more about your production company?
My production company is called Entertainment Works Australia. I wanted to offer something different; there are a lot of commercial agencies in Sydney. What I wanted to go with was cabaret, showgirls, burlesque and a company that could offer every single style of dance for any function or event. I really love cabaret and old fashioned showbiz… that’s the kind of style I wanted to bring to my company. I’ve worked a lot in Sydney with showgirls along with Latin and Ballroom Dancers and have also created my own shows for specific events. I do everything myself, from costuming to music edits to photo shop to marketing and creating! I have a garden full of showgirl feathers out the back of my house!
It’s definitely a complete passion of mine!
Do you enjoy doing every element of it?
Yeah, I really love tying all of the elements together. It’s a bit of a challenge to do it all but its still super fun. The Island of Doctor Moron is a bit different because the ensemble and the dancers, they actually have a complex story behind them as to why they are dancing, why are they doing this and that across the stage… there is much more to it than just looking at the aesthetics. I really do all I can to fit the brief of each job I do.
What has working on this show done for you as a choreographer?
I feel like I have grown a lot as a choreographer on this production and have learned invaluable choreographic tools that I’ll use forever. Working within a different space with a set that is quite complex made up of a lot of moving pieces and also working with a range of different performers has helped me grow a lot as a choreographer in this production. The dancing from the lead performers is really organic because its coming from their character.
What do you find has been your greatest challenge, working on this production?
The greatest challenge has definitely been the time frame. The cast has worked so hard but a lot of people don’t realise how much goes into creating the intention of a number, let alone all the numbers. I think there is sometimes a misconception with dancers that you just press ‘play’ and they just do their thing… but there is so much that actually goes into it. We probably pulled it off in half the time we could have but its looking great, super positive and again was a really great challenge. The time frame was the most difficult, but again a great challenge for me.
Where did you source your dancers from?

They are all professional dancers from Sydney, I have one new guy from the coast who is just doing an amazing job! You wouldn’t even know that it’s his first job ever! There are about six dancers in the ensemble who have worked with me from the very beginning. It was great having them onboard because they are used to how I work and made it easier for me to put the production together so quickly. Others in the production I haven’t worked with before but I knew I wanted to have them be a part of the production and they were happy to. They picked it up so quickly too, so they were also great! So we are a well oiled machine now!
How long has Entertainment Works been operating?
We have been open 18 months now, so I have been really lucky with it all so far! I feel so blessed!
Part of my passion is that so many dancers are so well trained here in Australia and its such a shame that there isn’t enough work, so that is what I am trying to help create.

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November 6th to December 6th, 2014
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