All-New Original Australian Rock Musical to Premiere in Sydney
An original rock musical developed entirely on the Mid North Coast in New South Wales is headed for the bright lights of Sydney.
The Island of Doctor Moron will premiere in the heart of the city November 6, 2014 in a custom built 250-seat theatre on Sydney’s bustling Oxford Street, Paddington.
The New Olympia Theatre, formerly known as the Palace Academy Twin Cinema, will form the backdrop for this exciting, high-energy show, which is set to take Sydney’s thriving entertainment industry by storm.
Endorsed by actor Jack Thompson, The Island of Doctor Moron is the brainchild of former Kempsey High School English Master Chris Dockrill.
The Island of Doctor Moron is an out-of-this-world visual feast cleverly crafted to excite and entertain audiences of all ages. The show has an original and raw energy. It promises to deliver great songs, thrills and fun. The challenge will be to stay in your seat!” Mr Jack Thompson said.
The idea for a rock musical was conceived by Chris Dockrill in 1997, and it wasn’t until some years later that it debuted to critical acclaim as an end-of-year spectacular for Kempsey High’s senior drama students. Its original songs and creative storyline were always destined for bigger things and now the musical is on the cusp of setting Sydney alight.
“I am beyond excited for the debut of The Island of Doctor Moron in the New Olympia Theatre in Sydney this November. Not since The Rocky Horror Show have theatre goers been offered such a fresh new rock musical,” Mr Chris Dockrill said.
Considered by many in the industry as a must-see show for 2014, this limited-time-only production has the potential to soar to even greater heights once audiences experience it first hand.
The show boasts an all-star cast of 30 singers, dancers and musicians – including international star James Berkley as Doctor Moron who has flown in especially from the USA. And it will be brought to life by specially made latex masks by “The Masked Man” himself Ross Brown, also featuring uniquely developed lighting, special effects, incredible costumes, whacky makeup and amazing hair designs.
Music is a key driving force of this fantasy musical – presenting an all-original, infectious soundtrack written by Chris and Lyn Dockrill, and led by Musical Director and acclaimed Australian musician, Paul Robert Burton.
The Island of Doctor Moron opens November 6, 2014 and will run until December 6, 2014. There will be five shows a week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and matinee performances on Thursdays and Sundays, with ticket prices ranging from $50 for children under 12 to $85 for adults. To purchase tickets go to and for show information visit or The Island of Doctor Moron Facebook page.
The Island of Doctor Moron Synopsis:
Audiences will be able to join Edwyna and Douggie on their journey through mysterious South Sea Island after they’re stranded at sea. They are captured by a tribe of crazy Rastafarian natives led by Voodoo Valma. Drugged with jungle fever juice they are to be cooked in a sacrificial cauldron but are saved by Rubber Gloves – a whip cracking, leather squelching slave market junkie. Doctor Moron buys the couple as new experimental subjects. He is single minded, ingenious and insane. “He is bent on a maniacal quest to bring out the beast in all of us,” Chris Dockrill said. Will Edwyna and Douggie escape a cannibal cooking pot and what interesting characters will they encounter in their quest to escape the island?

Lyndell Arthur as Eddie in the Island of Dr Moron