DANCE YOUR ASS OFF – NOT SUCH A BAD IDEAChannel Nine are rolling out a few new shows this week and one of them is ‘Dance Your Ass Off’. There are quite a few people commenting about this show on Twitter and Facebook in disbelief that a show like this even exists but when you think about it dance is a great way to lose weight. I couldn’t think of a better way to stay in shape and trim down than to take a dance class.
Casual open dance classes like the ones at Sydney Dance Company run each week throughout Australia and are filled with people who are there because it’s enjoyable, social and much more exciting than getting on a treadmill or cross trainer. So when you think about it is ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ really a bad idea? It’s just a more exciting version of the Biggest Loser in my eyes.
In a country where obesity is a major issue, any television program that promotes weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle should be applauded. The fact that it’s entertaining is a bonus. At the end of the day it is television and needs viewers.
To be honest I was quite a big kid. Actually my whole family struggles with their weight and dancing along with cutting out ‘bad’ foods was the only way I could keep it off. I still rely heavily on dancing to keep me in shape. Let’s hope this show promotes dance as a form of exercise that anyone, any age can participate in.
Tune into ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ tonight at 7.30pm on Nine.