DanceLife recently caught up with Australian Dancer and Choreographer Carly O’Connor as she is currently training hard over in LA.
1.You’re currently over in LA, what have you been up to there since you left Australia.
I’ve been taking class everyday! It’s so inspiring and exciting to be pushed to your limits everyday! Classes in LA are really about dancing from the soul! Its a really rewarding experience.
2. As a professional dancer in Australia you have worked on some amazing jobs including Happy Feet, Australian Idol etc. Why do you think choreographers get you on board with so many different projects? What quality do you have that sets you apart from the crowd?
I think it’s important from the very start of your career as a working dancer, to pride yourself on a good work ethic. To be focused, bright and energetic at both auditions and in rehearsals! To be someone that the choreographer wants to have on board, not only as a good dancer, but also have good energy to have on the job! Be enthusiastic! And always on time – if not early and be ready to work hard! I pride myself on having this reputation.
3. You have danced for international artists including Kelly Rowland, Mika, Tina Arena, Inaya Day and Marcia Hines. What has been your most memorable moment working with an artist?
I’ve had some great experiences with these artists! They were all so respectful and appreciative to have the dancers on board with them! I distinctly remember being in sound check with Tina Arena, marking through the routine and standing beside her, and this huge, amazing voice came out of this tiny lady! It sent shivers up my spine! I have the upmost respect for her and will never forget that! Also Marcia Hines is always good value on the job! Lots of laughs and always remembers conversations we had on past gigs and follows up with asking how you’ve been since then!
4. Many dancers dream of going overseas to make it. What has been your inspiration to cross the waters to the US?
I’ve been to LA to train many times over the years, and this time I feel like its right for me to stay here! I’ve paved the way with some great choreographers in the time I’ve spent here, so Im hoping that will put me in good light in the future! I’m ready for new adventures and bigger and better challenges to come!
5. How did you prepare for the move? Where did you look to for advice?
I’ve spent many an hour collating all the information I’ve needed to get the process complete! I have a special friendship with an amazing choreographer here in LA, Adam Parson, who as always been incredibly supportive and instrumental in my move here! Having him and other dancer/choreographer friends here to help me out and push me forward, has been really important!
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