Blond & Eden dissappointment!

In a shock elimination, urban dancer Blond and contemporary dancer Eden Petrovski were last week eliminated in the seventh double elimination on So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Blond soars on SYTYCD

Eden opened the show with a fun and playful jazz routine with fellow contemporary dancer Michael Dameski. Shannon Holtzapffel praised her, saying: “That’s the most comfortable and sexy I’ve seen you in the show so far. You guys have set the bar very high.”
With only eight contestants remaining, the dancers each performed not one, but two routines in their new partnerships in the hope of impressing Australia – and winning votes.
Love was definitely in the air for Eden and Michael’s second routine, the foxtrot. Their emotions oozed through the piece and they received the only standing ovation of the night. A proud Jason Gilkison gushed: “Rumba or foxtrot is normally the kiss of death when picked out of a hat. But you two had the audience on their feet for the Rolls Royce of ballroom.”
This week, new pair Ashleigh and Blond took on the fastest dance in the competition so far: swing-set jazz. Paula Abdul was blown away by Blond’s chameleon-like adaptability, saying: “You’ve grown exponentially in this competition. There no ceiling on your talent and can do whatever you want to do. It’s a joy to watch you.”
A stunning contemporary piece was next on the cards for the two. To his surprise, Blond was suspended from a harness for the entire routine that saw him play a deceased lover that comes back to Ashleigh for one last time.
Since last week, the Australian public had been voting for their favourite dancers and unfortunately for Eden and Blond, their time was up. We chatted with them both yesterday after their Easter break – here’s what they had to say …

You were on top of the people’s choice just one week before … how did you cope with being eliminated last week?

Blond: It’s alright, it’s Australia’s choice, not my choice you know! Things happen and I have to get over it!

Eden dances with her favorite dancer Michael Dameski

Eden you struggled with your emotions when you were elimanated – how dissappointed were you!

Eden: It WAS a shock but I’m going to take this as a massive positive. It is sad at the time but I had an incredible time the WHOLE time I was there so that’s what I’m going to remember most and becoming great friends with all of these incredible people has just been the best experience of my life!

Many of your fellow contestants felt you two should have made the Top 4, how does that make you feel?

Blond: That sounds amazing! I just work hard because I’m a Bboy and I haven’t done many routines that have been done in the show so I thought I had to work harder than the other contestants because I’d not had that opportunity before.
Eden: That makes me feel speechless to know that they have the utmost respect for me and have believed in me the whole way – it’s an amazing thing! They’re such beautiful people – it’s heartwarming!

Bboy Blond

Blond – what is your background in dance?

Blond: My older brothers started dancing first which was a little bit of Hip Hop style and breakdance at the same time, but I focussed more on breaking because it kept me more interested. I’m pretty much self taught because Bboy’s kind of teach each other. We made a crew and taught each other stuff. I’m originally from Korea but I’ve been here for four years. I was sick of my life in Korea and I wanted to learn English and have a better life but it’s a challenge!

What kept you going week after week on the show?

Blond: Firstly it was really FUN! I loved learning new things and having new challenges and it gave me a lot of motivation. When I see all the people in the Top 20, they give me inspiration – every single person! They all worked hard and all came from different backgrounds. They’re all younger than me – some of them only 18 but they’re working REALLY hard!
Eden: I’m pretty lucky because ever since I was little I’ve been on a hectic schedule – maybe not as massive as this but I’m so used to doing so much dancing. Definitely my passion kept me going every day and the people around me were so inspiring – so many different genres and styles – getting to know the people as well was really inspiring and it made you want to get up and go and work with them every day.

Walk us through a normal week on the So You Think You Can Dance treadmill – how hard was it really??

Eden: It was pretty intense! It definitely gets more intense as the competition goes on. There is rehearsals every day with our choreographers, group rehearsals, costuming – you name it, there’s a lot to do! But most importantly we have down time when we’re finished to look after our bodies and we NEED it – that’s our tool every day so the more you can look after it, the easier the process is!

Eden Petrovski - SYTYCD

What would you like to say to your loyal fans?

Blond: I really appreciate all the people who have supported me. Even though I got eliminated last week, the week before I was Australia’s favorite! I REALLY APPRECIATED that! This show has given me a lot of motivation and this is only the beginning. I really hope this will help launch my career further!
Eden: I’d just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your endless support! It’s so hard being in there at times and to see all these people really showing you their love and support and being so genuine, it’s just so heartwarming and it really helps you keep going. I’d love to say thanks to every individual and give them a big hug! I’m not exactly sure what’s next for me but I’d love to travel and open about everything!

Who do you now predict will win?

Blond: It’s really hard because it’s not about Australia’s best dancer, it’s about Australia’s favorite dancer so it’s really hard to tell! My favority in this competition though is Michael Dameski because he can dance all different genres and he is such a hard worker and he’s improved in everything! I think he’s a great dancer and he is SO FUNNY!
Eden: My favorite would be Michael – he is sooo amazing and to work with him for my last week and to finish on such high was just fantasic!

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Blond & Eden