Patric Kuo & Zoey Black interview – SYTYCD!

Zoey Black

So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Elimination #6 Zoey Black, NSW, 22 and Patric Kuo, NSW, 20

Another two dreams were shattered in a twist that saw jazz dancer Zoey Black and urban dancer Patric Kuo sent packing in the sixth double elimination of the season.
Zoey was teamed with urban tapper Jay Johns for an emotional contemporary piece about cancer. The judges loved the piece and Jason Gilkison praised Zoey’s efforts: “You were exceptional. When you are released and stretched out both emotionally and physically, you just soar.”  Real-life couple Patric and Ashleigh’s dream finally came true when they were partnered on stage this week. Unfortunately they didn’t bring their real-life love to the cha cha.
Zoey said: “As the top 20 progressed, I’ve felt as though I’ve really been able to grow from this. I’ve honestly had the best time of my life.”
On his departure, Patric said: “To appear on So You Think You Can Dance Australia has always been on my bucket list. It’s already changed my life and I hope it can continue to do so forever.”

Patric Kuo

Here is what Patric & Zoey had to say when we chatted to them after elimination …

What did you love about your time with SYTYCD?

Zoey: I couldn’t ask for a better experience … It was really the greatest – I got to work with great people, I can’t look back with any faults. Everything was great!’
Patric: I found it very sweaty!

How have you progressed throughout your SYTYCD journey?

Zoey: Definitely it’s made me realise I wasn’t fit before the show! It’s opened all our eyes to everything really!
Patric: My favourite thing in the show was all the other contestants and seeing how other people who are just as passionate as you, how they work, what they’ve done before the show to get to this level and the communication of ideas between all of us which was really exciting!
Did you find you were out of your depth at any stage?
Zoey: The amount of times I woke up and thought ‘ok, it’s 7am and I’m about to do Hip Hop’ … you kind of just get pushed to your absolute wits end!
Patric: I kind of wanted to take on whatever they were throwing at us. It doesn’t matter what genre it is I just wanted to go in and do what we had to do.

Zoey Black & Jay Johns

Which choreographers did you enjoy working with the most?

Zoey: Every choreographer was great – I never thought of doing Bollywood, it was challenging and different! The person I learnt the most from was Paul Malek in that first week. I’ve never danced with such emotion – I’ve never allowed myself to go to that place and I think he was the first person that really pushed me to my limits.
Patric: I loved working with all the choreographers, everyone was great! My favourite, especially because I have never worked with him before was Chris Scott, I was really inspired by him.

What do you think it will be like for Ashleigh on the show without you?

Patric: She will be fine, she is great! I will always be encouraging her and I know she is going to think about the things I have said in the past and apply it to the show. She is in a really good spot in the show and I know she’s going to kill it!

Patric Kuo & Ashleigh Tavares

What do you hope that your exposure from SYTYCD will bring for your career?

Zoey: It was a great opportunity to remind Australia and remind the Industry who we are and why we work so hard to do this everyday. So I hope the opportunities are limitless and people are more open to giving dancers a go and I really hope that the exposure I got from the show will hopefully lead me somewhere overseas, I’m open to anything.
Patric: With a show like this you get to see the professionalism of the dancers. This is the only reality show where everyone who tries out is a trained professional and have trained their whole life for an opportunity like this. You have the exposure of people respecting you and respecting dancers.

Who do you predict will be in the Top 4?

Zoey: That’s a really tough question, everyone’s so deserving! But, I really do hope that Blond is in that Top 4.
Patric: You have no idea how hard of a worker he is! He doesn’t just work on skills, he will practice the essence of the piece, the style, everything! Every aspect of the performance he is practicing. As for the girls I would say Ashleigh for the win! …but I think it will come down to Team Eden!!
Zoey: Honestly everyone on that show just works so hard, it could be anyone!

So You Think You Can Dance Australia, 7.30pm, Thursdays on TEN.

Patric Kuo & Zoey Black