Addams Family to close early!

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THE cast of The Addams Family has been told the show is closing in June and will not tour.
Despite good reviews and an excellent cast, it appears the Sydney Theatre-going public have not come out in droves to support. The show worked with a brilliant script full of witty one liners, expertly executed by the phenomenal cast. Full of surprise yet with all the expectations of what a musical should behold, The Addams Family is a strange yet effective marriage between TV sitcom and Broadway musical.
The blockbuster musical, which opened in Sydney in March, was boosted with strong financial support from the NSW State Government, but has struggled at the box office.It was expected to be one of the highlights of the Melbourne theatre season, opening at the Princess Theatre in spring but now will not tour.

The forced closure throws into question the NSW Government’s strategy and wisdom in luring producers away from theatre-loving Melbourne to open in Sydney.
Ticket prices began dropping a few weeks ago, indicating it was in trouble. Producer Rodney Rigby’s spokesman confirmed the show was finishing soon, but would not confirm the date.