Interview with Lucy Mangion

A Conversation with Lucy Mangion

Dancing Through Life’s Stages

Interview by Chris Duncan

This week, Chris Duncan chatted with Lucy Mangion, a Melbourne native who’s not just a dancer but a singer, actor, and an inspiring teacher and choreographer. Lucy’s journey from childhood dreams to sharing stages with top music artists is a story of passion, dedication, and the power of believing in oneself.

Let’s start from the beginning, Lucy. What was the moment you knew the performing arts were your calling?

Lucy Mangion: “It’s funny, I’ve always said I was born to perform. The real spark came from our family Christmas concerts organized by my Nanna. Imagine a bunch of kids in handmade costumes, singing and dancing – that was us. But you know, I was actually on the brink of studying biomedical science. It was a week before university, and I just knew I couldn’t give up performing. That’s when I joined a dance school in Melbourne, late but sure of my dream.”

You’re not just a performer; you’re a beloved teacher and choreographer. What’s the secret sauce to your teaching approach?

Lucy Mangion: “Oh, there’s nothing like seeing your students grow! It’s not just about dance steps; it’s about unlocking each student’s unique potential. I’ve been choreographing school musicals since 2019, and it’s there I found my love for storytelling through dance. My goal? To choreograph a professional musical one day. But the real magic lies in building a bond with the students – one that’s respectful, fun, and professional.”

Your awards in dance are quite impressive. How do these accolades shape your path?

Lucy Mangion: “Those perfect scores in VCE dance and drama, they were like a green light. They showed me that my dreams were possible, and I had something special with choreography. It was the first time my creative vision got recognized, and that meant the world to me.”

Working with artists like The Kid Laroi must be exhilarating. How do these opportunities come up?

Lucy Mangion: “It’s all thanks to my business, CTRL Entertainment. Dancing for The Kid Laroi? Unbelievably nerve-racking but an unforgettable experience. Performing to his song “Stay” was just surreal.”

You’ve also choreographed for rap artists. How do you switch gears for different genres?

Lucy Mangion: “In this industry, you’ve got to be a chameleon. When it comes to rap, I start with the beats, then sprinkle in movements for those catchy lines. I love pushing my boundaries, especially in commercial dance.”

Is there one performance that you hold close to your heart?

Lucy Mangion: “Definitely! Dancing for Topic at a festival was otherworldly. Imagine the sun setting over the ocean, and us, just in sync with the music. That moment, I felt everything just clicked.”

Can you spill some news on your upcoming projects?

Lucy Mangion: “Get ready for some exciting collaborations! I’m choreographing a music video with an Australian rapper and a world-famous pop star. Can’t reveal much, but it’s going to be epic.”

Lastly, any advice for aspiring artists in Australia?

Lucy Mangion: “Keep training, in all styles, even Latin! Regular classes, injury prevention – it’s all part of the journey. And believe in yourself. Your confidence is your brightest light.”

From a young girl in handmade costumes to a choreographer for stars, Lucy Mangion’s story is a testament to where passion and hard work can lead you. Whether teaching young dancers or sharing the stage with famous names, Lucy’s journey continues to inspire and captivate. Watch this space for more from this vibrant talent.


Bio: Lucy Mangion is a dancer, singer and actor from Melbourne, Australia. She has been trained by Australia’s best from an early age. Not only does Lucy have a passion for performing but Lucy is a passionate dance teacher and choreographer for young and upcoming Australian dancers. She has won numerous National awards for dance in addition to being selected to perform at the 2016 and 2017 Top Class Season of Excellence with perfect scores in VCE Technique Dance Solo (2016)& VCE Vet Dance Jazz Solo (2017) and 2017 Selected to Top Class Season of Excellence audition for Drama solo. Lucy has performed for a large number of top music artists such as The Kid Laroi, Sean Kingston, Joel Corry, Topic and Havana Brown. She has choreographed for Australian rap artists Alpy & Sophiya and has many projects coming soon.

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