Published on 6th Jul, 2010

Celebrating its 10th year of operation, Universal Studios Japan® is returning to Australia, London, Toronto, New York, Orlando, Las Vegas and Hollywood, and expects a record number of performers to register. Universal Studios Japan® is casting for Singers who can move well, Dancers who can sing, Face Character/Actors and Stunt performers for their theme park in Osaka.

Please note that auditions are by appointment only and all applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of audition. You must have their D.O.B to complete the on line registration.

For further show & audition details and in order to register your artists for an audition time, please go to www.universalauditions.com/japan

Dates and Audition Categories

AUGUST 12 Stunt Performers and Jet/Water Ski Performers
AUGUST 13 Face Character/Actors and Singers who can dance
AUGUST 14 Dancers who can sing

AUGUST 17 Face Character/Actors and Singers who can dance
AUGUST 18 Dancers who can sing


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