WA Ballet | The Great Gatsby

A Classy Premiere by David Nixon OBE

WA Ballet interprets F.Scott Fitzgerald’s famous tale of love, loss and delusion

This September, West Australian Ballet’s production of The Great Gatsby will come to His Majesty’s Theatre as part of the Company’s 65th Anniversary season.

World-renowned Choreographer, David Nixon OBE (Artistic Director of Northern Ballet), will bring The Great Gatsby to Australian stages for the very first time. This smooth and sultry interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale will transport you straight into a hedonistic haze of 1920’s New York.
West Australian Symphony Orchestra will play BAFTA award winning composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE’s cinematic score under the instruction of Conductor Myron Romanul and Jon Tooby.
Choreographer and Costume Designer David Nixon reflects that Gatsby isn’t just about the wild and glamourous parties. “There will always be some kind of relevance to The Great Gatsby. It’s about basic things, like ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and what that is…
Shadowing the plot of the book, the ballet follows Nick Carraway as he comes to know his infamous neighbour Jay Gatsby – a mysterious millionaire with a secret past and a penchant for lavish parties and beautiful women. As the sparkling façade of Gatsby’s world begins to slip, Carraway comes to see the loneliness, obsession and tragedy that lies beneath.

“It’s easy to see why Choreographer David Nixon was tempted by The Great Gatsby. The clothes, the jazz, the dance music, the fatal love affair – much of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel seems tailor-made for ballet.” – The Guardian UK.

A work that will appeal to fans of the ballet and the novel alike, The Great Gatsby promises be one of the most stylish adaptations of this classic literary work.

THE GREAT GATSBY with West Australian Symphony Orchestra
14 – 30 September 2017
His Majesty’s Theatre
Bookings via TICKETEK, or visit waballet.com.au

Choreographer: David Nixon OBE
Co-Director: Patricia Doyle
Assistant Choreographer: Ashley Dixon
Sets: Jérôme Kaplan
Costumes: David Nixon OBE
Composer: Sir Richard Rodney-Bennett CBE
Orchestrator: John Longstaff
Music Advisor: Anthony Meredith
Conductor: Myron Romanul & Jon Tooby