Underbelly Arts: Public Lab + Festival is back in 2010 with a new home in Chippendale.
From July 8 – 17, in various spaces next to the site of the old Carlton United Brewery on Broadway in Chippendale, over 100 of Sydney’s most exciting, experimental and emerging artists, will develop works and performances that will be presented on Saturday July 17 at the ticketed Underbelly Arts Festival.
Part fringe festival, part band-camp; this is your chance to get behind the scenes of art in the making. From creating pop-up gallery spaces along Kensington Street to transforming the Clare Hotel into a theatre, Underbelly Arts Lab + Festival will offer a rare opportunity for people to scratch the surface of Sydney and discover some of the art and ideas that are ripe in warehouses, bedrooms and makeshift spaces throughout the city. Expect interactive installations, a DIY 3D film project, brutal 1900s street dance, voyeuristic engagement with the online world, random
performances by a mass a cappella choir and much more!
In the lead up to the Festival, the public can get behind the scenes of the creative process with daily tours of Fraser Studios and even get involved by attending
Project Participation
Sessions for artworks that require public input. On July 10, the Lab Saturday Program will take place from 2-7pm, putting artist, audience and process under the microscope.
See www.underbellyarts.com.au for details of the Underbelly Arts Public Lab Tours, Project
Participation Sessions and updates for the Lab Saturday Program.
Tickets to Underbelly Arts Festival are strictly limited so don’t miss your chance to let Sydney’s creative underbelly seize your imagination.