TIPS FOR CREATING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCEOver the last year we have received many enquiries from DanceLife Members about how to engage potential customers and effectively promote your business online through your website, social networks (facebook, twitter etc) and other inexpensive online marketing activities. There seems to be a common theory amongst the community that your website is an information resource only but the thought of actually utilising your website to drive customers through the door seems foreign to some business owners. We now live in a world where everyone is time poor and turning to the world wide web to get through everyday life so take advantage of it.
Since the same questions have come up continually we thought it was time we gave you some tips that have certainly worked for us to increase and maximise your online presence. Firstly you NEED a website so here are 2 important tips for those of you out there that are about to embark on creating an online presence! If you already have a website you may still find these points useful.
1. Build A Brand – It’s important that you have a clear value proposition which consists of the benefits a customer will receive from your business in return for their money. You need to think carefully about what your business offers and once you have it on paper convey this throughout your branding and key messages. If you don’t know what the benefits are for potential customers being engaged with your business how will they?
2. Know Your Target Market – Who are you building the website for? You will be able to come up with your target markets by going through your database, past and present customers and past enquiries your business has received (you should be tracking details from every phone call and email enquiry that comes through your door and asking them if they would like to be placed on your mailing database).
That’s enough for you to think about for this week. If you would like further assistance with your inexpensive online marketing please contact Clint on