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As a dancer or performer we always need to be watching our weight. Maybe we have a show coming up so our body needs to be looking its best or maybe we have lost a little bit too much weight and we need to put some back on. There is also that question about how to maintain the weight your happy with. I… Read Article
Core Strength Explained

Core Strength Explained

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Many people ask the question… If I have a 6 pack or a flat stomach does that mean I have a strong core? The answer is no, A strong core does not mean a 6 pack or a flat stomach. As dancers we apparently have strong cores and know how to use them. In my own personal experience and from my teachi… Read Article
Kane Trains Jade MacRae

Kane Trains Jade MacRae!

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Everyone train’s for a variety of different reasons, some for fun, others to feel comfortable in swimmers on the beach, some to have a beautiful sculptured body full of muscles, others for health reasons and then some because their job requires it. Being a dancer is one of those job… Read Article

Kane Answers Your Health & Fitness Questions

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I have just joined the gym wanting to become generally fitter and to help me last longer in my class and in routines. What type of exercises would you suggest to do? Hey, Firstly good on you for joining the gym you will notice an improvement in your performances and classes I assure you. To bec… Read Article

Get The Most Out Of Cross Training!

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As a dancer fitness is a high priority. However it is important to remember that your body adapts to any exercise you are doing in 4-6 weeks, and if the exercise doesn’t change in intensity then neither will your body. When you’re attending a class on a regular basis your body w… Read Article

Kane Bonke Answers Your Health & Fitness Questions

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I’m a 17-year-old female dancer who likes to go the gym and use weights. How do I stop getting to bulky? For anyone to gain a lot of muscle mass they have to be lifting heavy weights. Resistance/weight training can actually contribute to weight loss and is great for toning and strengt… Read Article
Body Image

You and Your Body!

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Dancers and body image go hand in hand. Let’s face it, as dancers every time we step on stage people look at our bodies, and being human, judgement passes through their minds. But what really matters is what passes through your mind. Do you look in the mirror and like what you see? I hop… Read Article

Kane Bonke Answers Your Questions

Each month DanceLife’s ‘Body Stylist’ Kane Bonke will be answering your questions about all things health and nutrition. For more information on Kane please see his profile.  Hi I’m a female dancer currently studying at full time. Since I’m dancing e… Read Article

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