World’s Fittest Dance

Sydney Dance Company Teams Up with Medibank to Get People Dancing Fit Again Live Step-by-Step Tutorial Wednesday Dec 16 Research reveals that Australians lost 131 million hours of dance this year due to Covid19. Now, health insurance provider Medibank has teamed up with leading conte… Read Article
Core Strength Explained

Core Strength Explained

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Many people ask the question… If I have a 6 pack or a flat stomach does that mean I have a strong core? The answer is no, A strong core does not mean a 6 pack or a flat stomach. As dancers we apparently have strong cores and know how to use them. In my own personal experience and from my teachi… Read Article
Kane Trains Jade MacRae

Kane Trains Jade MacRae!

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Everyone train’s for a variety of different reasons, some for fun, others to feel comfortable in swimmers on the beach, some to have a beautiful sculptured body full of muscles, others for health reasons and then some because their job requires it. Being a dancer is one of those job… Read Article

Get The Most Out Of Cross Training!

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As a dancer fitness is a high priority. However it is important to remember that your body adapts to any exercise you are doing in 4-6 weeks, and if the exercise doesn’t change in intensity then neither will your body. When you’re attending a class on a regular basis your body w… Read Article

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