SYTYCD – Top 20 Bios

Like to know a little more about the TOP 20 before you cast your votes?? Here is a quick bio on each of the Top 20 Contestants!! Happy Voting Everyone!!!


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Jazz

Occuptation: Dancer/Sales Assistant

“I was comfortable both at work and at home, but craved a more fulfilling lifestyle. I knew that to get out of this complacent rut, I had to set myself a new challenge. What better challenge than the show I have always dreamt of being a part of, So You Think You Can Dance Australia.”


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Contemporary

Occupation: Student/Performer/Dance Teacher

“Working alongside others with the same goals and dreams makes this an opportunity of a lifetime to grow as an individual and as a performer.”


Age: 19 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Latin/Ballroom

Occupation: Full-time Student

“I’ve loved the show since season one, so when I saw the audition call out, I excitedly applied. I knew that the experience I could gain from the audition process alone would prepare me for future auditions. I had no expectation that I was going to make the Top 20.”


Age: 22 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Lyrical Jazz

Occupation: Dance/Dance Teacher

“I wanted to prove to myself that I was good enough. I knew the show would be extremely challenging – both mentally and physically – and was ready to take that head on.”


Age: 19 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Ballet

Occupation: Juice bar girl

“I wanted to experience what I have seen and admired on the television for so long. I wanted to be in an environment filled with talented and amazing people who share the same passion as I do.”


Age: 26 State: Vic Dance Specialty: Dancehall

Occupation: Professional dancer/performer/choreographer

“I wanted to share my joy and passion for expressing dance straight from the heart and touch people all over Australia with my movement. I also wanted to showcase my most favourite style, Dancehall, because it’s never been represented in the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.”


Age: 23 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Jazz

Occupation: Full-time student

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be part of the show, but I never thought it would actually come true. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to mature as a person, to grow as a more versatile dancer and to push myself mentally and physically to my absolute limits.”


Age: 28 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Hip hop

Occupation: Dance/dance teacher

“I just want to dance. A lot of the time the dancers are dancing behind an artist or are in an ensemble, but in So You Think You Can Dance Australia the dancing is showcased upfront. It is THE feature. How cool is that?”


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Urban

Occupation: Dancer

“Watching people pushed to their limits is what inspires me. I remember being in the audience for the show, not believing that people could actually be so talented. At that moment I said to myself “next time I’m here, I won’t be in the audience. I will be the one up on that stage.”


Age: 22 State: NSW Dance Specialty: Jazz

Occupation: Professional dancer

“I was sick holding myself back and staying within my comfort zone. This is an opportunity to push my boundaries and show who I really am.”


Age: 30 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Hip Hop

Occupation: Dancer – BBoy

“I wanted to see what I can do and show people what I have to offer. I believe that it’s going to be lots of fun and I’ll learn many different things.”


Age: 21 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Commercial Jazz

Occupation: Professional Dancer

“Dance is really special to me and I really wanted the chance to show people what I do and what I live for. I love working hard and being the best I can be. I believe that being on the show will help me learn and grow as a performer.”


Age: 21 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Tap/Hip Hop

Occupation: Performer/Dance Teacher

“I wanted to challenge myself. Dancing is my life and I’m hungry to learn and excel in all genres of dance. I look forward to meeting other dancers who share the same passion.”


Age: 27 State: QLD Dance Speciality: Hip Hop

Occupation: Professional Dancer

“Dancing is all I know, it’s what I live for. I don’t want to look back in 50 years and regret not taking the chance because I was afraid of putting myself out there.“


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Contemporary

Occupation: Student

“I want to make my mother proud. She is such an amazing woman. I also want to share with Australia and the world the unexplainable feeling I get when I dance. It’s a chance to further myself as a person and as an extension of that, to further my dancing and to change my life.”


Age: 18 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Contemporary

Occupation: Student

“An opportunity like this is rare and no matter what the outcome is, I will constantly push myself to better my performance and achieve the goals I set for myself.”


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Urban

Occupation: Professional Dancer

“I want to show Australia and the world what dance can be. Not only is it a beautiful form of expression but it has literally made me a better person and I believe that it can do the same for anyone.”


Age: 18 State: SA Dance Speciality: Contemporary/Lyrical

Occupation: Student

“It would give me the opportunity to meet and learn from the many people working within the industry. And the break into the international dance world with a bang.”


Age: 20 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Jazz

Occupation: Professional Dancer

“I have always wanted to audition for the show ever since I saw the first episode years ago. It opens your eyes to so many different styles of dance and challenges you in ways that you would never think.”


Age: 21 State: NSW Dance Speciality: Ballroom

Occupation: Labourer/Teacher

“I would love to show the people of Australia what ballroom is about.”