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Entertainment Assist

Mid Year Appeal

At Entertainment Assist, they have been working tirelessly to provide life-saving mental health and wellbeing programs to our incredible entertainment workers. The pandemic has taken a profound toll on their mental health, with financial strain, isolation, and a loss of purpose impacting artists, performers, technicians, crew, administrators, and the entire workforce.

Now, more than ever, providing assistance and resources to those who need it most is crucial. INTERMISSION is their flagship mental health and wellbeing program designed to address the unique stressors of working in the entertainment industry. Through INTERMISSION, they ensure entertainment workers have access to the mental health support and resources they deserve.

Let us help them in their mission to support the mental health and improve the wellbeing of our entertainment workers. Your contribution will make a difference. Donate today and show your support.


What participants say about INTERMISSION


Where your support goes

Sponsorships provide invaluable support to recipients across the entire industry. Your gift will make a significant impact to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to openly discuss their mental health and wellbeing.

$10,000 Can make a significant impact by delivering three comprehensive INTERMISSION program sessions to a leading arts institution over the course of a year.

$5,000 Can provide the lifesaving INTERMISSION program to a local performing arts theatre group or venue.

$2,500 Will support a wellness session for a local community group to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and initiating meaningful conversations.

Your tax deductible contribution no matter the size, can make a world of difference. Your support will ensure that those who work so hard to entertain us have the resources to take care of themselves and each other.

Entertainment matters. It brings joy to us all. Let’s create a more supportive future for our entertainment workers.


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