Star of new Sony project is a dancer born deaf

Teen dancer MACY BAEZ – the face of Sony Extra Bass wireless speaker campaign

Macy Baez, a hip-hop dancer who was born profoundly deaf, is fronting a new project from Sony Australia New Zealand, released today. The collaboration with the young dancer features a hip-hop/electro track specifically designed for her, so she can literally feel the music, powered by Sony’s new Extra Bass SRS-XB3 wireless speaker. Baez is able to experience sound with the aid of cochlear implants, but relies heavily on being able to feel music vibrations, particularly bass notes, in order to dance.
The 15-year-old from Illawarra, NSW, discovered her passion for dancing at a young age. Baez started dance lessons when she was eight, instinctively feeling the vibrations of the music to help her move to the beat. With this in mind, Sony enlisted the skills of Josh Fountain from Level Two Music in New Zealand to compose a track specifically for Baez.
Strong bass notes throughout the track enable Baez to feel vibrations that have helped her to choreograph a 90-second dance to the beat. Baez says having a music track created specifically for her is a huge thrill: “Dance is a language for me. I feel the beat speaks to me and I speak back through dance.”
Fountain comments, “I wanted to make a track that would kick you in the stomach and make you want to move, I wanted to strip layers away and concentrate on the bass frequencies that you physically feel.”
The track is enhanced through Sony’s new Extra Bass XB3 wireless speaker, which enables Baez to easily take her music with her and rehearse wherever she is. The Bluetooth wireless speaker range delivers deep, punchy bass with clear vocals and rich detailed sound.
Sony Australia New Zealand Head of Video and Sound, Abel Makhraz says, “It’s been exciting working with Macy and watching her choreograph a routine to a bass-heavy track specifically produced for her. She’s an amazingly talented dancer and being able to support her dance career is a great privilege for Sony. The track is played on Sony’s XB3 speaker which is designed for big bass reproduction – we hope it continues to inspire some sensational dance moves.”DEFY by Sony feat. Macy Baez –

About Macy Baez

Macy Baez is a hip-hop dancer and is a member of Illagroovers, a young Australian dance crew. She lives in the Illawarra, New South Wales, with her parents and attends Dapto High School.
Macy was born profoundly deaf. She taught herself how to sign for things like wanting a drink at a young age, as well as lip reading to be able to communicate with her parents. Macy still lip reads well and uses this technique in loud situations, when she is having trouble understanding.
Macy had her first cochlear implant procedure in her left ear in 2003, followed by many hours of speech therapy to get to a level where she could hear something and understand whether it is the sound of language or the sound of a beat. She began hearing and developing her speech after this implant. She had a second implant in her right ear in 2012.
She began dance lessons in 2008 and says it is her passion. The successful dancer has competed at the World Hip-Hop Championships with her young dance crew, Illagroovers, and recently competed in the HHI Australian Hip-Hop Dance Championships.
Her dream is to make it as a professional dancer and hopes to one day attend Parris Goebel’s dance school in New Zealand.
About Sony: With a diverse portfolio of businesses across electronics, music, film, interactive games and telecommunications, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the world’s largest technology and entertainment company. Sony Australia Ltd and Sony New Zealand Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Sony Corporation of Japan, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Committed to producing innovative and quality electronic products, the range includes BRAVIA TVs, Cyber-shot digital cameras, Handycam camcorders, α interchangeable lens cameras, Walkman MP3 players, as well as HD professional broadcast equipment.
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