Long time no blog, my bad.
Just dropping in to show some love and let you know what’s been happening. I hope you are all happy and dancing your butts off. Leah knows we are heading into the infamous Christmas Concert time so CHOOKAS to all who are performing and all who are lending a helping hand whether it be big or small. I know the work that goes into it and you all make Christmas concert time special for all so big love and tear up those concert hall floors!!!! ENJOY!!!!
You may or may not have known I had the privilege of being asked again to choreograph another BONDS TVC and this time in roller skates!!! What the!!! Mind you I had fallen over the night before in Melbourne (where I was doing Avenue Q) and got on a a 6am flight with a swollen foot for the first rehearsal day of “Roller Boogie”!!!
It was the lovely Kate Wormald who kindly assisted me and got me through with much R.I.C.E and her love, thanks Mole!!! So in front of me stood 20 lovely ladies with roller skates on and ready to boogie, however some of them had forgotten how to rollerskate or just never really rollerskated before in their short lifes!!!! Shizer!!!!
Might I add we were rehearsing @ Carriageworks which has some lovely hard, uneven surfaces so the fall is going to really really hurt if not break a little bonds girl! So off they went getting a feel for the skates and there were drops left right and centre, so on went more body armour…knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads all sorts of pads you name it. Out came the ice packs and not only was it I that was R.I.C.Eing but some of the ladies had taken massive falls and were sitting right next to me.
Kate and I were really impressed as it got towards the end of the rehearsal day the girls had bucked up and really started to get their skate on and were making the choreography look great and giving things a go, so proud!
Only one rehearsal and we are ready for the shot day. I had seen the location and had known the discussed vibe of the day – “Roller Disco Playboy Mansion Style” but I sure as hell didn’t know we were truly in the a playboy mansion. The sun was set, it was 7am and it was already 18 degrees by the beautiful pool area that we were going to be having our roller disco around….life was good that day even in crutches!
So into their fabulous undies and fierce rollerskates all lollied up in pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, reds, greens all colours of the rainbow the girls came out onto set and started on their merry roller way. The girls had taken their skates away with them for practice purposes and had come back skating like pros we were so impressed. We had such great and space and location was totally the bomb! so who couldn’t give up a day to rollerskate around the pool @ The
Bonds Mansion.
We made some serious roller disco heaven shots and we had a lot of fun and all the girls did such a wonderful job skaters or not we pulled it off with ease and
love…just the way i like it!
Big love to everyone on this gig, thank you, you certainly do rock….or roll???! just both!!
Check out the frockwriters blog on the making of our TVC. Too cool!
Leah Howard