Rhythmic Fictions at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Rhythmic Fictions

Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Award-winning choreographer Siobhan McKenna brings her new work to the stage in a balancing act of movement, sound and language. But nothing this good lasts long.

Five performers negotiate communicating with each other and the audience whilst attending to the complex rhythmic world in which they operate.

Oscillating between the monotonous and the dramatic, between the meaningful and the meaningless, RHYTHMIC FICTIONS reorganises language and movement into a playful choreography that exposes the fragility and multiplicity of communication and interpretation.

‘[McKenna’s] work combines rigour and conceptual seriousness with a sense of humour and an eye for theatrical detail.’ Andrew Fuhrmann, Witness Performance

Date: Opening Night Thursday 11 August, 8pm
Venue: Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre, 189 High Street, Northcote
Duration: 60 Minutes (no interval)
Season: 10 – 14 August, 2022

Choreographer: Siobhan McKenna
Performers: Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Emma Riches, Claire Leske, Rachel Coulson and Siobhan McKenna
Sound Design: Merinda Dias-Jayasinha
Costume Design: Laura Banfield
Lighting Design: Giovanna Yate Gonzalez
Production/Stage Manager: Harmony Boucher
Linguistic Advisor: Kate Charlwood

See here for additional performance information.

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