REVIEW | Wicked The Musical

Todd McKenney (The Wizard) and Sheridan Adams (Elphaba) Photographer: Jeff Busby

Emerald Enchantment: Wicked The Musical

It Will Transports You Into a World Brimming With Story and Magic

Reviewed by Jack Halverson

Wicked” at the Sydney Lyric Theatre is nothing short of a mesmerizing experience. From the very beginning, the production transports you into a world brimming with story and magic, thanks in large part to its spectacular set.

As Galinda gracefully floats through the sky, confirming the demise of the wicked witch, you can’t help but get swept up in the jubilation of the townsfolk.

However, just when you think it’s all going to be happily ever after, a rumor of an unlikely friendship between Galinda and the wicked witch begins to unravel.

The play expertly jumps between scenes, revealing the initial clashes between these two contrasting protagonists – a spoiled know-it-all and an outspoken outcast.

Courtney Monsma (Glinda) and Liam Head (Fiyero) Photographer: Jeff Busby

As their lives become intertwined, their relationship evolves from unadulterated loathing to the beginnings of a true friendship, as Galinda aims to make Ephalba popular.

The dazzling Emerald themed costumes in this performance of “Wicked” are truly a visual feast for the eyes. Each costume is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously crafted with patience and love, showcasing the vibrant and enchanting world of Oz. From Glinda’s ethereal gowns to Elphaba’s iconic witch attire, every detail exudes the essence of emerald magic. The costume department’s dedication shines through, adding an extra layer of immersion to an already captivating production, making the Emerald City truly come to life in all its sparkling glory.

The standout performances by the cast are worth noting. Sherian Addams as Main ELPHABA; the wicked witch draws you in with her beautiful expressions of struggle and dreams. Galinda COURNTEY MONSMA, hits every note, making the audience laugh uncontrollably during her performance of “Popular.”

The first half of the play is filled with fun and laughter as it navigates a classic high school cheerleader versus outcasted rebel dynamic. A brief, glistening romance unfolds but quickly fades as the prince starts questioning his feelings.

LIAM HEAD, as FIYERO exudes an aura of coolness and commands the stage with precision.

As the witches head to see the wizard, the supporting cast delivers a beautiful performance that captures the mesmerizing awe of the Emerald City. Todd McKenney‘s portrayal of the wizard initially frightens, but as the truth is unveiled, his character becomes a complex figure desperate to be something more.

The first act ends with Elphaba confronting the wizard’s schemes and embracing her true potential, culminating in a breathtaking vocal performance that defies gravity and leaves the audience on their feet.

Sheridan Adams (Elphaba) and Courtney Monsma (Glinda) Photographer: Hugh Stewart

The second act begins with a dark turn as rumors of Elphaba terrorizing Oz surface, in hopes of keeping the peace, an engagement party is orchestrated by Glinda to put her back in the spotlight. Courtney Monsma‘s portrayal of Glinda subtly reveals her sadness as she misses her best friend.

Elphaba’s return to the Emerald City in search of redemption is met with deception and heartbreak. The performances by the supporting cast, including Shewit Belay as Nessarose, add layers to the story’s emotional depth. Fiyero’s revelation of his true feelings for Elphaba leads to a bitter-sweet reunion that leaves Glinda heartbroken.

The passionate performance of “As Long as You’re Mine” is cut short by a shocking twist. Elphaba’s character takes a tragic turn as she faces more challenges and betrayals, culminating in an unforgettable performance by Sheridan Adams.

Throughout the play, subtle references to the original tale connect the stories and expertly move the narrative towards its conclusion. The direction ensures a seamless flow, weaving the threads of the story together.

The emotional climax of the play is gut-wrenching, as the sisters, portrayed by Courtney and Sheridan, share their final goodbyes. It’s a moment that tugs at the heartstrings, showcasing a wicked witch who doesn’t deserve the title, sacrificing herself in a way that is both powerful and unexpected.

In the end, “Wicked” delivers a special 20th Anniversary production that is comedic, dazzling, twisting, emotional, and resonating. It’s an experience that will leave a lasting impression and won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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