REVIEW | The Rocky Horror Show


The Rocky Horror Show

50th Anniversary

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

A brand new Australian production of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, kicks off global celebrations in honour of this iconic Rock ’N” roll musical as it marks its 50th Anniversary in 2023.


Opening at the stunning Theatre Royal in Sydney, this Legendary rock ’n’ roll musical has become one of the world’s favourite musicals of contemporary rock. Celebrating being yourself, being an individual and allowing pure escapism, as we are reminded of the sheer gift with creativity and fantasy, that the performing arts always delivers.

Now this opening night performance pertaining didn’t disappoint!

It was fierce, fabulous and full of fun! Fast paced and definitely entertaining.

What an absolute delight!!! Get ready to be taken on the Rockiest Ride of your life!

The vive in the theatre was electric. The anticipation for the show well received by colourful and enthusiastic audience members whom applauded as the introduction music began to play.

Director Christopher Luscombe has certainly delivered with this special, exquisite performance.

This 50th anniversary was lead by superstar Jason Donovan who played the highly acclaimed role of Frank N Furter. His embodiment of this iconic and recognised role was exceptional. His vocals superb! You literally couldn’t take your eyes off him, as he dominated this impactive role with perfection and respect.

Myf Warhust was both witty and unique during her performance as the Narrator, which as times had some clever moments of ad lib with interactions thrown in randomly by the audience members.

Joining them is Steller Perry as Magenta, Ellis Dolan as Eddie/Dr Scott, Darcey Eagle as Columbia, Ethan Jones as Brad and Deirdre Khoo as Janet. All brilliant performances that kept the audience engaged and captivated on the wonderful journey unveiling right before our eyes.

Deirdre Khoo and Ethan Jones Photo: Daniel Boud

The stand out performance from Henry Rollo as Riff Raff was superb. As with Loredo Malcolm’s performance of Rocky. You couldn’t help but feel the many different emotions delivered and shared through out the performance with such an assortment of distinctive characters that will always remain embedded in associated with this one of a kind musical  through the years.

A smaller cast size of ensemble roles such as The Phantoms, blended in brilliantly and added layers and dynamics to this exceptional cast. Congratulations to Josh Gates, Catty Hamilton, Jackson Reedman and Erica Wild, Keane Fletcher and Kristina McNamara round out the cast as the Swings.

The sets designed by Hugh Durrant and lighting designed by Nick Richings were just awesome! Quirky right from the opening scene and specular as the sequence integrated and created with seeming-less and smooth transitions!

You felt like you were at a rock concert and a burlesque show at the same time.

Filled with nostalgia and brash fun, that ultimately celebrates life in all its colours.

Costumes dazzled with choreography, impactful, stylish and tight. A definite credit to choreographer Nathan  M Wright and Costume designer Sue Blane.

It was wonderful to see the orchestra integrated on stage peering through the set discretely with impactful sound and beautifully crafted music through ought the show original musical arrangements form musical director Richard Hartley.

Definitely a must see show! Entertaining from start to finish and in between!

You certainly don’t want to miss this iconic and impact show. Buckle in as you get ready to be taken on the ride of your life!

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