REVIEW | Swan Lake


the Corps de Ballet of The United Ukrainian Ballet

This Masterpiece Beckons the Audience to Another World

The United Ukrainian Ballet

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

Direct from the London Coliseum, The United Ukrainian Ballet arrived in Sydney to perform the premiere performances of the World’s most loved ballet Swan Lake.

From the first immortal bars of Tchaokovsky’s score, this masterpiece beckons the audience to another world in this classic tale of good triumphs over evil.

It certainly seemed ironic and your emotions were definitely felt, as these incredible, talented dancers took the stage.

Oleksii Kniazkov as Prince Siegfried

The United Ukrainian Ballet brings together award winning dancers from Ukraines finest ballet houses. Each member of the company has their own story of how they escaped the devastating war in their homeland to perform this awe inspiring production, which just made the special performance even more magical.

Showing at the superb Aware Theatre in the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour the sense of anticipation was high at this sold out performance. A stunning theatre where the audience was captivated by the beauty and exquisite details of the masterpiece performance.

Captivated we were with this love idyllic love story between Prince Siegfried’s charisma for the Swan Queen Odette. The corps de ballet moved in magical unison as glimmering swans, as well as in the spectacular ballroom scenes.

This glorious tale performed by such dedicated and remarkable dancers filled your soul with the mystic beauty of wonder and admiration.

It certainly pulled on your heart strings as emotions were felt in the sheer beauty and connection to the stunning iconic musical masterpiece.

All the dancers particularly the soloists were truly amazing and extraordinary. The technique, control and absolute beauty was truly mesmerising.

Principal dancer Kateryna Chebykina was just breathtakingly flawless as with the athletic brilliance executed by Oletsii Knigzkov who played Prince Siegfried as well as the incredible Viktor Lytvynenko who played the Jester.

The haunting sound of the opening music draw you in right from the start, along with the spectacular scenes and staging. This three Act, Four Scene ballet offered roar and emotional power , with exquisite costuming and grooming from all the dancers.

The sets and staging designs were also traditionally iconic, noted with every attention to detail.

This masterpiece in which was reimagined by Elena Glurjidze and assisted by Sara Knight is a replica of beauty, divine elegance and strength, that you most certainly wouldn’t want to miss.

Kateryna Chebykina as Odette and the Corps de Ballet of The United Ukrainian Ballet

I felt like I revisit my childhood watching this recognisable brilliance. I don’t think many people, certainly those whom appreciate the awe inspiring ballet world have not heard of this powerful ballet along with its phenomenal score.

The costuming, the staging, the lighting, took you on a magical feast that enhanced your imagination to be reminded of the importance of freedom and expression and how dance has the ability to move you through the dedication and talent of the dancers interpretation and message. I felt in total awe to be witnessing such roar emotional power.

It was simply phenomenal, where you couldn’t help but fall in love with such beauty and grace.

The famous four swans performance was a technical triumph. Their strong technique and precision noted from beginning to the end, while appearing absolutely effortless, the job of every talented dancer to execute. It was truly touching!

By far the most impactive moment was with the standing ovation for these incredible performers, as the audience was truly moved when the cast bought on their Ukrainian Flags and sung their National Anthem. The experience truly felt like a moment in history.

A reminder how precious moments are and how strength and compassion is noted not only through the message of this performance but in its example from far across the seas.

Bravo on a truly breathtaking and impactive performance! I salute your talents and artistry and mostly the ability to affect us through your passion.

Bravo Indeed!

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