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Parade is One History Lesson You Do Not Want to Miss!

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

The Tony Award Winning Musical, Parade has just opened at the Seymour Centre, Sydney. Based on a book by Alfred Uhry, this true story is both captivating and heartfelt.

It will certainly move you in ways that tap deep down within your soul particularly in consideration with what is currently occurring in our world presently today!

Co-Conceived and Directed on Broadway by Harold Prince, Parade is a moving examination of one of the darkest moments of America’s History.

Produced by Benjamin Samuel from Soundworks Productions and Directed by Mark Taylor, the story unfolds in America’s deep south over a hundred years ago. It raises awareness of prejudice, anti semitism and the misuse of power that sadly still continues to be present and in some ways shape our world even today, questioning what if anything have we actually learnt from such historic events.

The stage is set beautifully with elegant lighting and a set that is designed to enhance the characteristics of the Edwardian Era of the 1910’s.

After the lights lowered we are presented with a lone drummer depicting that of a marching band that is both intriguing and haunting as he makes his way to the stage through the audience in such a subtle yet impactful manner.

The story is about an unsolved murder that divided a nation. Daring, innovative and bold, Parade offers both moral lessons and a timely reminder, as Simon Wiesenthal said, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This could not be more relevant in our world today.

With Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown you are taken on a musical masterpiece that is compelling, powerful and at times feels as if to pierce your soul while in the next instance, it cradles you like a gentle lullaby.

It is just beautifully executed from Music Director, Mark Bradley and  Assistant Musical Director, Dylan Pollard and the clearly talented Musicians. At one point during the performance you literally feel immersed within the sounds and vocals, with surround sound layers that transport you into feeling part of the performance.

I actually had to turn around the see if there were performers surrounding us with the enhanced sound, cleverly delivered with Sound Design by David Barrell.

This production proudly features two astonishing Jewish performers Aaron Robuck and Montana Sharp in the lead roles of Leo and Lucille Frank.

Their dedication, passion and focus in how they embody these roles is a gift and incredible to witness. The intricate layers of each personality shared beautifully as they forge their commitment of loyalty, support and ultimately love with a conclusion of a deep heartfelt sense of justice in support of exactly that.

You connect with every mannerism and the energy that speaks volumes throughput their performances. Vocals by Sharp are breathtaking.

The cast are equally talented and alluring. Each bringing such uniqueness to their characters that in turn compliment the whole production.

Powerful performances from Guillaume Gentil who plays Jim Conley, showcasing such power and truth. Along with Adeline Hunter playing Mary Phagan who is captivating and engaging along with her almost accomplice’s Georgia Barron playing Lola and Rebecca Ordiz playing Essie. There is a trio segment during the show with layers of brilliantly executed vocals along with ear pleasing harmony’s and embodied characteristics that are discerning and slightly comical even of the nature.

Each and every character of every performer who commit to their roles throughout are engaging and truly enjoyable to witness in amongst such a dark theme.

The Choreography by Freya List is delightful and moving. Beautifully executed as we are effortlessly transported through the many layers of events that occur with change of scenes. The ease of movements are simple while affective, including other moments where we are pleasantly treated to the technically elements and training required from the multi talented cast.

The Sets, Props and Costume Designs are well thought out and themed perfectly for this production. A credit to Harry Gill, who has clearly demonstrated the talent and well planned design that ultimately enhances the visual magic of this performance. He has created a space for both the audience and characters to exist in. It’s simple, yet within that, pretty exceptional, how with little effort we are truly transported within the worlds and scenic moments of the storyline and events.

Lighting design by Sidney Younger was another spectacular spectacle. You couldn’t help but notice and appreciate how much these perfectly timed moments truly enhanced this production. It really bought the show to life and only allowed for one’s imagination to be amplified. The colouring, the subtle yet vigorous moments we are transported by the magical beauty of light.

Truly stunning!

This production certainly has a darkness within it that is certainly felt. The music the lyrics and heightened art of story telling is really next level. You will be fully immersed and should be affected by such heartache and beauty that intertwines together as one.

In the words of the Producer Mr Samuel, Theatre is such a wonderful vehicle for starting respectful conversations which can drive to positive change.

As said from the show…where will you stand when the flood comes?

A definite MUST see!

Parade is one history lesson you do not want to miss!

Grab your tickets today from the Seymour Centre TODAY!

Playing 9-25th May 2024.

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