Image by Amber Haines

Dancenorth’s Breathtaking New Work

Townsville & Melbourne

Dancenorth will present the preview season of RED, the latest work from the company’s leading Australian choreographers Amber Haines and Kyle Page, in its hometown of Townsville from May 20 – 21, before the world premiere season at RISING, Melbourne’s new winter arts festival, from May 26 – 29.

Tens of thousands of years ago, a genetic mutation gave rise to the physical manifestation of red hair in humans. Now, like many, they are endangered.

Air is slowly emptying from a large transparent inflatable structure, ultimately sealing its inhabitants in preserved isolation.

Dancenorth uses the plight of its dancers as an allegory for a contracting world. A world where biodiversity is progressively being suffocated and silenced.

Epic and intimate, RED illuminates the universal challenge of our survival: sustaining diverse and resilient social and biological ecosystems.

Time is running out.

Concept, Direction & Choreography Amber Haines and Kyle Page
Music Ellen Arkbro
Composition/Sound Design Alisdair Macindoe
Lighting Design Niklas Pajanti
Costume Design Harriet Oxley
Inflatable Set Design David Cross
Dramaturgy Gideon Obarzanek
Performers/Choreographers Sara Black and James O’Hara


TOWNSVILLE ⏤ Dancenorth Theatre
20 – 21 May

26 – 29 May

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